How to Keep White Kitchens White

Whether you choose a Tuscany style, a White Shaker style, or another type of white kitchen, you have chosen something extraordinary.  The purity and clean look of a white kitchen appeals to all, and is easy to maintain.  In this short blog post, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your white kitchen looking crisp and clean.  We sell white kitchen cabinets and styles quite often, here at RTA Cabinet Store, and we want you to have the knowledge to keep your kitchen gleaming!

Here Comes the Sun

One of the surest ways for your white kitchen to turn yellow is exposure to direct sunlight.  Sure, it looks great, but with painted or laminated cabinets that sunlight will eventually turn them yellow. At that point, there is almost nothing you can do about it.  The solution?  Simple.  Invest in some blinds or drapes to keep that harmful UV light from ruining the finish.  If you don’t want to cover the windows, consider applying a UV-blocking film to them.  With little to no loss of light, you can keep those white kitchen cabinets safe.  Alternately, you can buy UV-blocking glass panes for your kitchen windows.  Any solution will help tremendously.

Clean It Right

An old standby that works on many types of cabinets is mixing white vinegar with water.  When cooking, those nice aromas also stick to the surfaces in your kitchen, eventually turning them yellow.  Giving them a quick cleaning with a one-cup white vinegar, two-cups warm water, and one tablespoon baking soda, solution is the key to cutting grease and films right off.  Consider giving your white cabinets a thorough cleaning once a month, and waxing them as you would wood finish cabinets.  This will create a slick barrier between grime and your cabinets, making them easier to clean.

Your backdrop is white tiles? No problem.  Take our solution of white vinegar, baking soda and water, and use a spray bottle to spray the tiles, especially the grout if it is white. They will clean very easily.  If the grout is really grimy, make a paste out of a bit of baking soda, vinegar and water, or an old style powder toothpaste, and clean with a handy toothbrush.

Sink and Counter

For sinks and countertops in our white kitchen, we don’t really like harsh chemicals, and most of our customers don’t either.  For this, we recommend using some natural items: a club soda and squeezed lemon juice mixture.  You can spray it on and leave it for 5 minutes.  It should get the stains right off of whatever surface you apply it to.  If there is a particularly tough stain, put a lemon half directly on it and leave it there, pushing down and twisting it every minute or so.  We guarantee that stain will come off like magic!

We have covered a number of ways to keep your white kitchen cabinets sparkling white, and getting those tough stains off of whatever surface you are cooking/preparing (or doing dishes!) on.  Stick with these simple tips, and with just a bottle of white vinegar, a bag of lemons and some baking soda, your kitchen will stay the way it was meant to.

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