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Are any of the cabinets made of particleboard?

None of our cabinets are made of particle board.

Are the cabinet doors reversible for left or right hinged doors?

Yes, the doors are reversible.

How is the “Starting at” price for a basic or 10 x 10 kitchen calculated?

Basic kitchen pricing is used as a baseline from which customers can start to get a sense of what things cost when shopping for cabinets. read more »

Are the cabinets strong enough to hold granite or concrete?

All of our cabinets lines are more than strong enough to hold granite or concrete.

Are the insides of the cabinets stained to match the face frames and doors?

All of the cabinets are finished inside, but not all of them are the same as the face frame. It would depend on the style of cabinet that you are looking at.

Are the medicine cabinets surface mount or can they be built in?

All of our medicine cabinets are surface mounted

Are the sides of the cabinets finished?

Yes, the sides of the cabinets are finished to match the face frames and doors.

Can I upgrade the drawer glides?

Yes, most of the cabinet lines offer an upgrade to the drawer glides. If an upgrade is available, you will be given that option before checking out.

Can I upgrade to dovetailed drawers?

No, unfortunately we do not offer an upgrade to the drawer box itself.

Do I need end panels?

All of the cabinet ends are finished, but if you want to bring the sides flush with the face frame, you will have to use end panels.

Do I need to hire someone to assemble the cabinets?

Some people do, but most people don't. It is really simple to assemble them and doesn't require any experience.

Do I need to use wood glue to assemble the cabinets?

Wood glue is required to assemble some of our cabinets. It never hurts to add some even if not specified in the installation instructions.

Do I need toe kick?

All of our framed cabinets and vanities come with a piece of toe kick, but most people like to create a uniform look across the front to hide the seams where the cabinets connect. For that, you will need to buy additional toe kick.

Our frameless cabinets do not come with toe kick.

Do the cabinets contain any harmful chemicals?

The manufacturing process has been improved to make sure that our cabinets are as eco-friendly as possible. All of the cabinet lines pass the new emissions standards that have been set by California, which are toughest in the country.

Do the cabinets meet the new California Emissions regulations?

Yes, all of our cabinets meet the new California Emissions regulations.

Do you have end panels for the pantry cabinets?

We do not carry end panels for the pantries, since the sides are finished to match the face frames and doors. You could use decorative wall end panels on the sides if you wanted to add some detailing to it.

Do you make any other finishes or door styles that are not on your website?

All of the styles and finishes we manufacture are listed on the website.

Do you make pantries in any other depths?

No, we do not. One option for creating a shallow pantry is to stack wall cabinets on top of each other.

Do you offer a warranty on the cabinets?

Yes, we offer a 5 year warranty on the cabinets.

Do you sell hardware for the cabinets?

Yes we sell a wide variety of knobs and pulls for the cabinets.

Does the granite vanity top include the backsplash and side splash?

The granite tops include a backsplash, but do not come with a sidesplash.

Does the sink come attached to the granite top?

Yes, the sink is pre-mounted to the granite top.

What are standard kitchen cabinet sizes?

As far as kitchen cabinets go, all base cabinets are a standard depth of 24″ while the standard for wall cabinets is a depth of 12″.

For height, base cabinets are 34½″ high. This allows for a 1½″ countertop to bring the total height to 36″. Standard wall cabinets range between 30" and 42" high.

More specialized cabinets, like above-refrigerator cabinets, come standard in widths between 30" and 36″ with a depth of 24″ and heights between 12″ and 24″.

How deep are the base cabinets?

All base cabinets are going to be a standard depth of 24″.

How deep are the wall cabinets?

All wall cabinets are the standard depth of 12″, unless otherwise stated.

How far apart are the holes drilled on the granite tops?

The holes on our granite vanity tops are 4″ on center.

How hard are the cabinets to put together?

Everyone from the novice DIY'er to the experienced contractor can assemble them. If you have a screw driver, that is all you are going to need.

How high are the vanities?

Vanity heights vary depending on the cabinet line. They range from 30″ to 32⅝″ to 34½″ tall.

How high are your base cabinets?

All of our base cabinets are 34½″ high (standard height). This allows for a 1½″ top to make 36″

How much space do I need between my counter top and the wall cabinets?

Industry standard is a minimum of 19″.

How much space do I need to leave for the blind base cabinet?

For most of the cabinet lines the blind base needs to be installed 6″ away from the wall and will also have a maximum pull. Please review the specific cabinet specifications to be sure you are accounting for the correct amount of space.

I don't see a filler strip for the pantries/oven cabinets. What do I use?

Some cabinet lines don't sell a filler strip specific to the pantries, you can use a toe kick if need be, which is the same size at the pantry and allow up to 4½″ of filler.

If the cabinets come with toe kick, do I still have to buy it?

On our frameless lines, you will need a toe kick. All of our framed cabinets and vanities come with a piece of toe kick, but most people like to create a uniform look across the front to hide the seams where the cabinets connect. For that, you will need to buy additional toe kick.

What are dovetailed drawers?

Dovetailing is a method of assembly. Some of our cabinet lines come with dovetailed drawers. Traditionally, dovetailing will offer a stronger bond.

What are euro-epoxy drawer glides?

Euro-epoxy drawer glides just refer to type of finish that is applied to this drawer glide. It is the base model of drawer glides that we supply. It has a smooth slide, but doesn't offer the soft-close feature.

What are european hinges?

European hinges allow the doors to be adjusted multiple ways while mounted on the cabinet.

What are RTA cabinets?

RTA Cabinets are the alternative to high priced, custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets. They give both homeowners and professionals an affordable way to get a high quality cabinet at an affordable price.

What do I do for the base of a corner sink face?

We do not include a base for the corner sink face, because it will depend on where your plumbing is coming from. Some people leave the base open, others will install a piece of plywood to finish off the base. We do sell the item already cut in the shape needed to fit the corner.

What do I do if my plumbing interferes with the drawers on my vanity?

You could always move the plumbing, but that would most likely require a professional plumber. If you won't want to hire someone, you can either create a false drawer where the plumbing is interfering by not using the actual drawer box.

What grade plywood is used on the cabinets?

The plywood that is used is furniture grade plywood.

What is a decorative end panel?

A decorative end panel is a cabinet door that is sized to fit the sides of the cabinets, and to create a custom look on the sides.

What is a dishwasher end panel?

A dishwasher end panel is used where the dishwasher is going to come at the end of a run of cabinets. It helps to finish off the end, and trim out the dishwasher.

What is a refrigerator panel?

A refrigerator panel is used for the sides of a refrigerator to box it in and create a custom, built in look.

What is the depth of the light bar?

There are two different types of light bars, the heritage collection and regular. The Heritage collection light bar is 6″ deep, with an extra inch depth where the crown molding is. The regular light bars are 2" deep, before the light bulbs are added.

What is the depth of the medicine cabinet?

The medicine cabinets are all 6″ deep, with th heritage collection have an extra inch at the top where the crown molding is.

What is the depth of the tank topper?

The tank topper is 8″ deep, with the heritage collection have the extra inch of depth where the crown molding is.

What is the difference between full overlay and 3/4 overlay?

Full overlay doesn't leave any of the face frame exposed. ¾″ overlay will leave some of the face frame exposed

What is the difference between the corner sink face cabinet and the corner sink cabinet?

Most of our cabinet lines only offer the corner sink face cabinet which is just the front face frame, door, and false drawer front. This is deisgned to allow your plumbing to come from any location. To support the countetop, all you need to do is attache 2x4's to the back walls.We also sell the corner sink face floor to go along with the corner sink face cabinet.

What is a cam lock?

There are different types of camlocks, but a camlock is simply an open ended wheel that locks onto a peg or some other mounting device. By turning it like a screw, you create a tight bond.

What is the difference between the plastic camlocks and the metal cam locks?

The major difference is what will be seen. The plastic cam locks have a plastic casing, which protects the camlock. The metal cam locks are drilled into the plywood, and less visible, but are easier to break.

What rev-a-shelf items will fit in my cabinets?

Not all of the rev-a-shelf items will fit in our cabinets. Please refer to the cabinet specifications to determine if a particular item will fit.

What type of wood are the cabinets made from?

The majority of our cabinets are made from Maple that is harvested out of China and Russia. We also have Oak which is from the same regions.

Where are the cabinets manufactured?

The cabinets are all manufactured in China at a half dozen factories that we use for the different cabinet lines.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our Kitchen Cabinets and some vanities and granite tops come from China. Other products like accessories, roll out trays, glideware organizers as well as some sinks and faucets are manufactured in the USA. All of the imported products we sell pass a strict CARB PHASE II Compliancy standard. If you would like documentation regarding the CARB PHASE II Compliance please feel free to reach out to us.

Why are some items only available in certain cabinet lines?

While we would like to stock a huge assortment of accessories and cabinet sizes in each line, one of the ways we can offer low prices is by being selective about what we stock. For each cabinet line, we carry the sizes and accessories which have proven to be the most popular so not every cabinet line will have the same sizes or features.

Why are the cabinets so much cheaper than name brand cabinets?

There are several factors that lead to the lower price, but it really comes down to eliminating the middle men and giving you a high quality product without the cost of a brand name. Lower overhead, factory direct pricing.

Why do only some of the cabinet lines have 36″ wall cabinets?

Only our newest cabinet lines come with 36″ wall cabinets. We are in the process of upgrading the other lines, but for now they are not available.

Why do the white bathroom cabinets have mdf doors?

Since wood has a natural tendency to shrink and expand with moisture, a painted white finish would end up cracking and chipping on solid wood doors. To prevent that, they use MDF to ensure there is no expansion or contraction that could cause the finish to crack.

Why do you only sell filler pieces in 3″ and 6″ widths?

While we would like to offer as many different filler sizes as possible, the 3″ and 6″ can be cut down to fill any gap that may be needed to be filled. Anything over 6″ should be added to the cabinet next to it, or bump up the 9" cabinet.

Will the cabinets come with hardware?

Some of the vanities come with hardware, but the kitchen cabinets are not sold with hardware.

A cabinet I need is out of stock. Can I still order it now and have it shipped when it comes in?

Yes you can but you will pay the additional shipping charge to have that item shipped later.

A cabinet I need is out of stock. How long will it take for you to get it in?

On average, a cabinet is out of stock for a couple of weeks, but we constantly have containers of new product arriving, so it is best to check with customer service.

Can I buy just doors?

Unfortunately we do not sell just doors. The only except to that are the decorative end panels, which are actually doors, but they only come in widths that would fit on the sides of the cabinets.

Can I buy replacement parts?

We carry an inventory of replacement parts, but it depends on what you are looking for. The best thing to do if you break something or need to buy a replacement item is to call customer service.

Can I get samples of the cabinets?

If you want to get a sample cabinet to see how they go together or what the quality of the cabinets is like, the best thing to do is to figure out your layout and order the smallest cabinet that you will need.

Can I get samples of the flooring?

We do have samples of the flooring that we sell. For more information, please call customer service.

Can I make changes to my order once it is placed?

All order changes MUST be made within 24 hours of you placing the order. We can not guarantee all order changes will be approved by our vendors. We have limited inventory at our Conshohocken facility as all orders ship directly from our vendor facilities.

Can I pick up my order from the main warehouse?

We are not offering order pickup at this time. If you were offered a pickup option by one of our reps, you can pick up your order at our West Conshohocken facility.

Can I pick up my order?

Other than in special circumstances, we are not offering order pickup at this time.

Can I use the bathroom discount on my second order?

The bathroom discount is intented to help reduce the shipping costs, and pass on the savings to our customers. Because of that, we need to have the bathroom vanities ordered at the same time as the kitchen cabinets.

Can my order be expedited?

While some orders may only take 2-3 days, our average processing time is 7-10 business days and we have to go in the order they are received. We have a high volume of orders coming in each week, so we try to process them as fast as possible.

How do I get 'holds' removed from my credit card balance?

Holds can be removed by contacting your bank and letting them know that the charge will not be processed. Sometimes they will require that we confirm it, which we will gladly do. Contact customer service for help with this.

How do I get a copy of my receipt?

You can get a copy of your receipt by logging back into your account.

How long does it take to process an order?

The average processing time is 7-10 business days, but this can change based on volume and when we are shuttling product between warehouses. Since we have two facilities we do not always have all of the cabinets for an order in one location.

I don't see anywhere to select left or right hinged cabinets. What do I do?

All of the kitchen cabinet lines have universal doors, which can be switched from left to right hinged depending on what you need.

I placed an order, but my credit card hasn't been charged yet. Why?

When an order is placed, we only authorize a transaction. We don't actually charge it until the order is placed with the manufacturer. Your order will remain as a pending charge until the order is placed with the manufacturer.

If you carry a 3 months supply, why are some cabinets out of stock?

Since it takes several months for product to arrive at our facility, we try to plan/forecast several months ahead. With the continued growth and not having a consistent order pattern, we sometimes run out of certain items in each style, but constantly have containers coming from the factory.

Is there a restocking fee?

Yes, there is a 20% restocking fee.

Is there tax on my order?

Since the US Supreme Court ruling in mid-2018, nearly every state in the US has enacted laws that allow them to collect sales tax from businesses outside of the state. We currently collect sales tax on orders shipped to the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Shipping charges may also be subject to tax in certain states.

Gift Card purchases are not taxable, however, items paid for with Gift Cards will be taxed if shipped to an address where we collect sales tax.

Please note that the prices displayed on our site exclude taxes. Any and all applicable taxes will be displayed during checkout.

There are multiple pending charges on my credit card. Why?

If you attempted to process your order multiple times, you may see multiple charges pending. This is true for both processing orders and adding/subtracting items from an existing order. Every time an attempt is made to process your credit card, even if it is declined, that money is reserved by your bank. This money is just pending and will be returned to your account in a couple of days.

What form of payments do you take?

We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, and Cash if you are paying at our West Conshohocken facility. We currently do not accept personal checks.

Why can't I order a single piece of some items?

Due to weight or size constraints, some things can not be shipping UPS/Fedex, or are just to fragile to ship by themselves so we do not allow customers to order just that particular item by itself. If you have a question about a specific item, please contact customer service.

Why was my credit card declined?

To protect our customers from fraud, we have a high level of security on our merchant services account. A card can be declined for a mismatch in the name/address, daily limit, or a limit on the amount for internet transactions. Normally we are provided with a reason, but in some cases, you will have to contact your credit card company to find out why.

Will you help me with my layout?

We have a full kitchen design tool built into the website, but if you need additional help, or just have a unique layout, we can certainly help with your layout.

How do I find the status of a back ordered item?

We try to update the status of all backordered items as soon as we know about it. You can log into your account, or give us a call at the office.

How do I find the status of my order?

You can log back into your account and get a full status update.

How do I track a shipment?

Once an order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number. You can track the order on the carriers website, or through your order on our website.

How long do I have to file a claim?

Any visible damage must be noted on the delivery receipt while the driver is present. After that, you have 48 hours to open the boxes and inspect for concealed damage.

I am missing an item, what should I do?

It is important to count everything while the driver is present. In some cases, accessories may be packaged together, so don't always go by the packing slip. If something is missing, note it on the delivery receipt and file a claim on the website by logging into your account and opening up your order.

What is reconsignment?

Reconsignment is a change (as in consignee, destination, route) in the original billing of goods in transit.

Is there a reconsignment fee?

A reconsignment fee of $250 will apply for any order where the "ship to" address is changed after a 24 hour period of placing the order.

I filed a claim online, but didn't receive a response. Why?

In some cases, it may take a couple of days for our claims department to research a claim, search for parts, and get you a response. We know that any type of damages can be a burden for our customers, so we try to process them as fast as possible. If you feel that your claim wasn't received, please contact our claims department and they can give you more information.

Can I handle my own shipping?

We work with 3rd party logistics companies, that allow us to get some low rates on shipping. We try to get the best rates possible for our customers, but if you are able to get a better rate, you can certainly handle your own shipping. If you want to handle your own shipping, you will be responsible for creating the paperwork, arranging the pickup, and filing any claims.

Can I request items to be shipped UPS/Fedex to save on shipping?

We do allow customers to waive liability on larger items if you want to ship them UPS/Fedex. We do not encourage it, and UPS/Fedex will not honor a claim if damaged, but you can contact customer service if you are interested in waiving liability to ship it parcel and they will tell you how to proceed.

Do you have your own trucks?

No, we do not. We utilize a network of third party carriers that allow us to ship product cheaper than if we utilized our own trucks.

I received a message saying the shipping calculator is down. What do I do?

Since we use a 3rd party software program, occassionally the shipping calculator may go down. If you are having problems with the shipping calculator, please contact customer service and they can get you a shipping quote.

My rev-a-shelf items didn't come with my order. What do I do?

Since we do not stock the rev-a-shelf items, some of the items will be coming directly from Rev-A-Shelf. If you did not receive your Rev-A-Shelf items with your order, you should expect to receive them via UPS or Fedex in a couple of days. You can confirm this by contacting customer service.

My shipment was damaged, what should I do?

If your shipment is damaged, it is very important to note it on the delivery receipt. As soon as you discover the damage, file a claim on the website by logging into your account and noting it on the order.

The box looked fine, but when I opened it up, there was damage. What do I do?

This is considered concealed damage, and can happen in transit without anyone knowing. This is why it is important to inspect each box within 48 hrs. If you discover concealed damage, please report it immediately.

The instructions say I need corner brackets for my vanity, but I didn't receive any. What do I do?

In the past, vanities came with corner brackets. Since they are not needed when installing granite or any solid surface countertops, they really are no longer needed. We do have some if you are installing a laminate top, but if not, they will not be needed since they are not structural.

The shipping rate changed from a month ago. Why?

Our shipping rates are based on real time rates from a network of over a dozen carriers, so rates could fluctuate. We can not guarantee a shipping rate until an order is placed.

What does curbside delivery include?

Curbside delivery can sometimes be different from carrier to carrier, but it is intended to provide residential delivery to your curb. Not all trucking companies have a liftgate on their trucks, so some times it will include placement on the ground, other times you will be required to assist the driver in getting the cabinets down off the truck (which is why it is important to have someone there to assist you).

When can I expect my refund?

The refund process can vary by credit card company. We issue the refund to our merchant services company, who will release the funds at the end of the business day. This triggers a notice to your bank to redeposit the funds. This part of the process can take as little as a day, or as long as a couple of weeks (depending on the bank). In some cases, the bank holds it for a little while to make some extra interest off it.

Why can't I get a 61" granite vanity top shipped to my house?

Due to the size and fragile nature of the granite, the trucking companies have a hard time handling the large granite pieces. After numerous issues with damages, and upset customers, we have decided that we no longer will ship the 61" vanity tops until the packaging is improved.

Why can't some cabinets be shipped UPS/Fedex?

Due to the size, weight, and fragile nature of some of the cabinets, we discourage sending them UPS or Fedex. We have identified the items that they tend to damage more frequently than others, and try not to ship those items unless they are on a pallet.

Why won't the driver put the cabinets in my house/garage?

We use common carriers for all of our deliveries, not moving companies, which would charge a lot more for the same service. Because of that, the driver is only required to provide curbside delivery.

Are duties and taxes included on shipments outside of the United States?

Since we are an importer of record in Canada, we can not factor in the duties and taxes ahead of time. To calculate these, you will have to contact your local customs clearance office.

Can I return an item I received?

Yes you can, but there will be a restocking fee. See shipping and returns policy under the information tab.

Do I need a return authorization number to return a sample door?

Yes. A return authorization number can be created clicking on the "Need to return an item" button on your order.

Do I need to be there when the shipment arrives?

Yes. It is important to have someone available who is also capable of helping unload the cabinets. The order should be fully inspected to ensure that any damages are noted on the delivery receipt.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do ship to Canada, but we do not factor in duties or taxes.

Do you ship to my state?

We currently ship to all 50 states, Canada, and the Caribbean, but we are capable of shipping anywhere in the world.

Do you ship to the Caribbean?

We do ship to the Caribbean. Most of our clients have their own freight forwarder in Florida that handles the ocean portion of the shipment for them, but we do have freight forwarders that we work with if you don't already have one.

How do I find the closest trucking terminal?

The best way to find the closest trucking terminal is to call customer service.

How do I find the status of my claim?

If you log back into your account on the website, you can see the status of your claim. If you want to call and talk to someone, you can use your order number as your claim number.

How do I return an item I don't need?

First create a return authorization number from your order. You are responsibe for handling the cost of shipping the item back to us. It is best to get a tracking number to ensure that we receive it. There is a 20% restocking fee for returned items and the refund is subject to inspection of the item since the cabinet need to be resellable. Please make sure that you adequately pack the box.

How do I return sample doors?

First create a return authorization number from your order. You can ship it back by which ever carrier you would like. It is best to get a tracking number o ensure that we receive it.

How long does it take to ship to Canada?

Due to the size of Canada, transit time can vary greatly. On average, it would 2-5 days

How long does shipping take?

Shipping time will vary by distance, but you can reference a general map under the information tab. These are not guaranteed transit times, and residential delivery will often add an additional day or two so that they can set up an appointment.

Is there free shipping?

We try to be as transparent as possible with our pricing, so we do not offer free shipping. We want you to feel that you are getting the best price possible by offering the lowest prices, and showing you exactly what the delivery charges are (with no mark up).

What happens if I don't note damages on the delivery receipt?

Without noting visible damage on the delivery receipt, it makes it much harder to file a claim. If you find something damaged, it is important to report it within 48 hours.

What is terminal trucking delivery?

Trucking terminal pickup gives you the ability to pick up your at the closest trucking terminal for the carrier. Depending on where you live, this could be right down the road or a couple of hours away, so it is important to find out where the closest trucking terminal is before selecting this option.

Why is there a restocking fee?

In most cases, when we get an item returned by a customer it is not in perfect condition because of being handled multiple times. Often we end up not being able to resell that item at full price, so we have to charge a restocking fee to offset that.

Will the driver help unload my order?

In most situations, the driver will hand you cabinets from the truck, but will not unload them by hand for you (in situations where the truck does not have a liftgate). It is important to always have someone who is willing and able to help unload.

Will they call me before the cabinets are delivered?

For residential deliveries, the trucking companies are required to call to set up an appointment, so you should be receiving a call a day or two before the deliver.

Can you help me find a local contractor?

We now have a contractor locator that will help you locate contractors in your area that have used our cabinets before, and how many times they have installed them.

Are you open on the weekends?

We are open on Saturdays from 9-4pm.

Do I need an appointment for the showroom?

Yes, we prefer that customers who come in to see the showroom call ahead and set up an appointment since we don't have a traditional sales staff like retail store would have.

Do you carry everything in stock that is on your website?

We try to keep a 3 months supply of everything on the website, but planning and forecasting isn't an exact science so occassionally we run out of an item.

Do you carry the glass doors?

We offer both mullion doors and open faced doors for our cabinets. Depending on the cabinet line will determine if it comes with glass or does not. For those that do not come with glass it allows you pick your own style of glass rather than the one that comes with it already.

Do you have a low price guarantee?

Yes we do. If you can find a lower price for the same exact cabinets, send us a copy of the quote and the company you got it from. I guarantee we will beat it if it is the same exact product line.

Do you have a retail store with inventory?

While our name is RTA Cabinet Store, we are not an actual retail store. We are open to the public, but we do not have a traditional cash and carry store. All orders must still be ordered ahead of time.

Do you have any references in my area that I can talk to?

Over the years we have had thousands of satisfied customers, but not all of them want to participate as a referral. We will do our best to locate someone locally that we can refer you to but we try not to solicit our customers.

Do you manufacture the rev-a-shelf line of products?

We do not manufacture the rev-a-shelf line of products, we are only a distributor for them. Since they are made specifically for our cabinets, some of them may not fit in our cabinets. Please refer to the dimensions of the specific item when determining if it will fit.

Do you offer any discounts?

We try to keep our prices as low as possible and not play the games of high prices with ridiculously big sales or discounts. We have one cabinet line on sale each month. Additionally throughout the year we will offer some discounts on discontinued product, or new lines, so keep checking the Promotions tab. We also have a contractor program and distributor program that offer discounts for bulk orders.

Do you offer installation services?

We do not offer installation services. We are strictly a wholesale distributor.

How do I become a distributor of your cabinets?

To become a distributor, send an email to

How do I install crown molding?

Each cabinet style will require a different installation method for the crown. Depending on whether it is full overlay or 3/4 overlay, you may be able to attach the crown to the face frame, or you will have to attach it directly to the top of the cabinet. For specific instructions, please contact our office and click on installation help.

How do I join your contractor program?

To join the contractor program, you can send an email to with your full business info, including contractors/builders license number, and your username so that he can set up your account.

How does the low price guarantee work?

If you can find a lower price for the same exact cabinets, send us a copy of the quote and the company you got it from. I guarantee we will beat it if it is the same exact product line.

If I don't see the size I need, can you make other sizes?

Unfortunately we can not make custom sizes. We keep our costs down by only stocking common sizes. Since they are manufactured overseas, it is impossible for us to make custom sizes without a large order of that one size.

Is your warehouse open to the public?

While we are a wholesale business, we are open to the public.

What days/times can I make an appointment for?

We accept appointments any day during the week from 9:30-4:00 and Saturday from 9:30-3:00. It is best to scheduled the day before to make sure someone will be available.

What does RTA stand for?

RTA stands for ready-to-assemble, since all of the parts are locked together using cam locks. There are a wide range of RTA cabinets, so don't think that all of them are the same.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers any manufacturing defects or issues that occur once the cabinets are installed. We are not liable for issues that arise from improper installation or assembly. While it occassionally happens, we very rarely have any issues with the cabinets once they are installed.

What hours are you open?

We are open 9-5 Monday through Friday and Saturday 9-4.

What if I don't have a contractor/builders license number. Can I still participate in your contractor/builder program?

For auditing purposes, we need to ensure that the cabinets are not being used for personal use, so we need to have some way of validating their use. We have used other forms of validation before, so as long as you have some documentation we can take a look at it.

What is your address?

Our main office and warehouse are located at 6 Union Hill Rd West Conshohocken, PA 19428.

What makes RTA Cabinet Store different than the other companies selling the same cabinets?

Most online companies do not carry an inventory (they actually purchase from us or one of the other half dozen importers). While they may claim to carry a 3 months inventory, they are really just drop shipping product from another location. We carry our own inventory, have a direct link to the factory, and have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the industry.

Where can I see the cabinets on display?

We have a showroom located at our West Conshohocken location.

Where do I find out about specials?

Any specials that we offer, we list under the Promotions tab on the website.

Who is the manufacturer?

Our products are manufactured at several plants in China which we have contracted with. The exporting entity is GHI-Eswell.

Why don't you sell countertops?

While we would love to offer the countertops as well, measuring the exact layout and then trying to ship granite or even laminate, would be very hard to do.

Why is it hard to get someone on the phone?

We recently upgraded our phone system to allow for more calls, more ability to reach a live person, and multiple ways to get in touch with the right department, but with the high volume of calls that we get in a day, we are still not able to get to every call. We appreciate your patience and do everything we can to get back to our customers as fast as possible if we miss their call.

Why is it taking so long to get replacement parts?

While we do keep an inventory of replacement parts, with over 3000 items, and what would equate to close to 100,000 parts, it is hard to keep all of the replacement parts in stock. We sometimes have to get parts sent from the factory, which can take some time. We do everything that we can to get you the replacement parts as fast as possible.

Why is the design tool suggesting additional items?

The design tool will provide any recommended items that our customers typically order when they are buying a kitchen and are not required to complete your kitchen. The suggestions are based off of what the average kitchen order consists of.

You don't have some of the accessories that I wanted. Can you make them?

Unfortunately the only items that we can make are the ones that are listed on the website. That being said, we do offer the stain for each of the cabinet lines which can be used to stain natural maple or oak accessories from a home supply center.

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