Command Center Cabinets for Every Style

While it may sound like something high-tech – like a place where all of the pilot controls are housed on a plane – in a home, a command center is a space that’s rooted in organization and designed to make your life much simpler.

A home command center refers to a designated space where household tasks, homework, to-do lists, and schedules are managed and organized. They will look a bit different in every home, as they’re usually customized to fit within whatever space is available.

Though command centers are usually a built-in component of a mud or laundry room where there’s plenty of foot traffic, they can also be tucked inside of a cabinet or closet, fitted to a spare wall in the kitchen, or kept on a desk. They can accommodate a range of styles, too, making them highly versatile no matter if your space is minimalist, bohemian, contemporary, or anything in between.

We’ve selected our favorite RTA cabinets based on four different interior styles, so you can equip your command center with the perfect storage. From nautical or traditional to rustic or modern, here are the cabinets that work best with command centers befitting these styles.

Collage of command center designs with blue cabinets and white cabinets.
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Nautical Blue

If you’re going for a nautical or ocean-inspired theme for your command center, adding cabinets like these Florence Midnight Blue Cabinets is a must. Not only does their deep blue color evoke the ocean, but blue also calls to mind feelings of calmness – which is great for a space devoted to organizing your family’s chaos!

Paired with bronze or brass hardware, these cabinets will be able to hold all those odds and ends that don’t have another place to go. To make things extra nautical, you can add navy or red-striped decor to your command center, such as a seated bench cushion.

Traditional Grey

For those that are wanting their command center to seamlessly blend in with traditional decor, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous Florence Grey Shaker Cabinets. From winter hats and gloves to extra school supplies or laundry care, these cabinets are robust in size and will instantly evoke a level of traditional charm.

Since the traditional style is all about timeless and comfortable features, grey cabinets will present the ideal backdrop for a muted and understated command center. With such a clean, nonchalant color forming the basis of the space, you can have fun with other colors and creative accents as you decorate.

Collage of command center with white shaker cabinets.

Rustic Wood

If the farmhouse or rustic style is more your taste, then choosing cabinets for your command center that speak to this back-country or organic mode is crucial. The easiest way to achieve a rustic look is to incorporate natural wood – like these Rustic Shaker Cabinets made with a solid wood frame and complete with characteristic knots.

No matter which other rustic elements you add to the space, such as lantern lighting or bucket-style planters, the wooden cabinets will set the tone for the command center, giving things a natural, outdoorsy feel.

Office and command center with pantry style cabinets in white.

Modern White Lacquer

Finally, for those looking to create a modern command center, it’s essential to focus on elements that are clean-lined and even bare – like these Lacquer White Frameless Cabinets. Their frameless overlay is incredibly modern-looking, and their lacquer finish will continue to look shiny and pristine for years to come.

Since modern interiors are all about serenity and purity, making white the dominant color in your command center will align with these themes. Plus, an all-white command center will demand that you keep things extra clean and organized, which may be surprisingly helpful in the long run!

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