Five Underrated Locations Where Cabinets Stand Out

Homeowners, contractors, and interior designers all agree on one simple rule: cabinets are crucial.  

Why? Simply put, a sharp set of cabinets will increase your storage space while elevating your interior design. You’ll get all the beauty with the right amount of functionality to make living effortless and flexible. 

Quality cabinets are much more versatile than you may realize. With the proper sizing, style, and placement, they’ll make any room better without a massive renovation project. 

Need a little inspiration? Here are five places around your home where new cabinets shine. 


Working from home doesn’t mean working in clutter. Cabinets keep your office space clean and organized, and they look great while doing it. A set of kitchen or bathroom cabinets work well where you need them most, including up on the wall or at the base of your desk. 

Living Rooms: 

Your living room is the central command center for entertainment and leisure. New cabinets work well for storing gaming consoles, DVDs, books, and any other media you use to relax.  


Is your garage more of a workshop than a place to park your car? Need more space to store things you can’t fit inside your home? Put cabinets on the walls, down at floor level, or anywhere in between for a simpler, more stylish DIY space. 


Cramped closets are a thing of the past when you choose new cabinets. They help you organize your jewelry, clothes, shoes, ties, and other fashion accessories while giving you that trendy look that’s social-media worthy. Opt for cabinets with and without doors for the optimal mix of flair and function. 

Craft Rooms: 

Hobbies are great, but they can get messy fast. Consolidate your creative supplies with a new set of cabinets. Go with short, wide wall cabinets for easy access and optimal aesthetics.  

Check out our blog for the complete list of cabinet-friendly spaces outside your kitchen.

But what if your kitchen is your next renovation project? If a unique design is on the menu, cabinets are your secret ingredient. 

Spice Up Your Kitchen with Creative Cabinet Placement 

Putting high-quality cabinets in clever locations is a proven recipe for success. Here are three design concepts that’ll take any kitchen from bland to breathtaking. 

Cabinets and Countertops: 

Putting cabinets on top of your countertops makes your spaces more functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want a countertop pantry that stretches to the ceiling or something more reserved, it’s an excellent addition to any kitchen.  

For tips, tricks, and analysis on what makes countertop cabinets special, check out our detailed blog post

Living the (Kitchen) Island Life

For the past couple of years, kitchen islands have been a top trend in the home renovation world. So what do new cabinets add to the equation? Plenty of ingredients for a unique kitchen creation! 

Island cabinets can be used as a: 

  • Storage space for cookware and cutlery
  • Prep station for mealtimes
  • Under-the-counter garbage can
  • Top-of-the-counter garbage disposal
  • Open display area for wine glasses

At the end of the day, the sky’s the limit on how creative your kitchen island can be. Want to go more in-depth? We’ve answered your FAQs and provided helpful tips to fully enhance your kitchen island. 

A Shining Tale of Cabinetry Success

At the RTA Cabinet Store, we love it when creators find innovative uses for our cabinetry. That’s exactly what the designer below has accomplished. In this true tale of cutting-edge cabinetry, you’ll learn how creativity, a clear vision, and great cabinets turned a family home into an impressive example of flexible living. 

To Transform Your Interior, Think Outside the Box 

When you think of flexible cabinetry, think in three dimensions. That means defining your design by purpose and practice, then choosing a solution that fits both.  

For Alma of @almafied, her three-dimensional design story started out of necessity. As a work-from-home mother of three, she needed to balance her design to fit her needs and the needs of her entire family all while staying on budget.  

With a little creativity, a lot of elbow grease, and some free design help from the experts at RTA Cabinet Store, Alma turned a potential headache into a how-to guide for an Instagram-worthy space. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

An Unconventional Office Area 

After deciding to build a dedicated office area, Alma and her husband leaned on the three Ss: snacks, storage, and space to work. That meant a long desk area with space for outdoor-wear storage and office supplies as well as a mini-fridge with an adjacent snack bar. 

So how’d it turn out? Alma and Jason chose RTA Cabinet Store’s Florence White Shaker cabinets for a minimalist look with maximum storage space. 

Making the Most of a Mudroom 

Mudrooms act as an intermediary between the indoors and the outdoors. Just like the name suggests, it’s a great spot for muddy clothes and outdoor gear, but mudrooms are also great for personal storage that doesn’t fit inside.  

For a three-dimensional design, Alma went with pantry cabinets stacked next to each other to function like lockers for a stylish storage space. 

Cleaning the Clutter for a Lively Laundry Room 

Alma’s mudroom is also her laundry space, but it’s hard to tell by looks alone. That’s because she moved her washer and dryer around the corner—eventually stacking them on top of each other—for a smaller footprint and greater space. She also removed any clutter to amplify the minimalist look. 

Wondering what she did with the extra space?  

For the new washer and dryer area, Alma added a two-door/drawer base cabinet beside it for laundry-related storage. The old space turned into another snack bar area with a wet bar for drinks. 

Alma’s story is a lesson in creative thinking and the beauty of simpler, more functional spaces. 

Want to make your home a better place to live? A flexible interior is just a click away when you choose the RTA Cabinet Store. 

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