7 Places Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets Outside the Kitchen

Cabinets are a kitchen necessity. But can you use kitchen cabinets outside the kitchen? Absolutely! These seven rooms are excellent places for kitchen cabinets to be repurposed for totally new uses.

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1. Office

A vast number of people are working from home these days. Too many of them are working from the dining room table. If you’re one of them and looking to transform a space in the home into a permanent office, consider kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Take one wall of just about any room and add some wall and base cabinets to create a built-in office space complete with storage and workspace.

Standard kitchen cabinets come in 34.5 inches, which is perfect for a 36 inch countertop. Standard desks are about 30 inches so plan for a bar-height desk. You can also purchase base cabinets in lower heights if you prefer a standard desk height.

Wall cabinets for the office can go all the way to the ceiling or any height in between. You can design your office cabinets according to your needs. If you are installing a desk made with base cabinets, be sure to leave enough headspace between the base and the wall cabinets.

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2. Laundry

Like it or not, your household sometimes revolves around mundane tasks like doing the laundry. You can ease those tasks by making the most of the space in your laundry room.

Use kitchen cabinets to equip the laundry room with plenty of storage. Think about specific tasks you need to complete in the laundry room and this will guide your design and cabinet selections. You’ll want to balance workspace and storage space then add some custom perks like a built-in ironing board.

For more detail on using kitchen cabinets in your laundry room read more in this article.

3. Living Room

Look around your living room with all its entertainment centers, and other storage type furniture. All of that could be replaced with kitchen cabinets. Think of it as permanent built-ins that add great functionality to your living space and give your home’s value a boost.

Design your own using our layout tool or get the help of one of our designers for free.

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4. Craft Room

Dreaming of a craft room? No craft room would be complete without cabinets. You need all sorts of shapes and sizes to make your craft room the ultimate space.

Kitchen cabinets are perfectly suited for a craft room because they come standard in countertop height—and that’s exactly what you need in a craft room.

Consider some of the less common cabinets in the craft room like pantry cabinets (tall and slender) for rolls of wrapping paper and other tall items. Short, wide wall cabinets are great for stowing smaller items that you don’t want to get lost in larger cabinets.

Get creative with some accessories like spice racks, utensil organizers and roll out trays and doors that make cabinets more accessible. No more digging to the back of the cabinet to find what you’re looking for anymore.

5. Garage

The garage is usually one of two things, a black hole with little organization that swallows everything (never to be heard of again). Or it’s an assortment of boxes shoved on shelves above the garage and along the walls.

This is clearly a job for cabinets. It’s the organization your garage has been begging for from the beginning. It will transform your garage into a haven of storage and workspace that goes far beyond where you park cars and toss odd boxes of holiday decorations.

Choose deep base cabinets with adjustable shelves and an assortment of shapes and sizes for the upper wall to go along the back wall of the garage. If your garage is large enough, you can add some cabinets to the side walls as well.

Closet with kitchen cabinets and drawers.
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6. Closet

Always dreamed of having one of those walk in closets that’s more than a rod to hang things on and a shelf that’s up too high to reach? Now’s your chance. Add cabinets to your closet to transform it into a walk-in closet worthy of Instagram.

Go take a walk through a closet store to get some ideas for layouts then measure your own space and replicate it using kitchen cabinets. Use unusual cabinets of different shapes and sizes to achieve the same effect. Try cabinets without doors for shelving.

Drawers in the closet are just as important as cabinets. They can help you organize your jewelry, ties, and other small items.

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7. Command Center & Mudroom

Cabinets are a great alternative for creating a mudroom or command center. Instead of lockers, use pantry cabinets and take the shelves out. Add wall cabinets up high for seasonal storage. Create cubbies by removing the doors from shorter cabinets.

If you think outside the box, you can come up with all sorts of configurations that work well with kitchen cabinets.

Can you use regular kitchen cabinets outside the kitchen? You bet. Get creative and design your space using kitchen cabinets today!

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