Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2024

Think you’re ready for a kitchen remodel? Pretty sure you’ve got your design nailed down? If you’ve included any of the following design trends, you may want to reconsider. Even the most well-meaning trends can fall out of favor. These are the kitchen trends going out of style in 2024 and beyond.

Or if you already know the trends, get started with our design team.

Navy blue shaker cabinets with a white island and two pendant lights overhead.
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Adding natural light or an assortment of light fixtures can make your kitchen shine bright. But as we all know, too much of a good thing (or choosing the wrong thing) turns bad pretty quickly.

Some lighting faux-pas to avoid in 2024 include:

  • More than 2 pendants lights over an island
  • Builder’s grade lighting fixtures
  • Excessive recessed lighting

When you’re making a remodeling budget, it’s better to spend more on quality lighting. Modern downlights and pendants look great while emphasizing sustainability, so you’ll get high-quality lighting that can lower your energy bill.

If efficiency is a premium, don’t forget natural lighting. Used the right way, natural sunlight will illuminate your kitchen, warm your home, and provide mental health benefits through an abundant energy source.

Blue Shaker cabinets with ornate tile backsplash and glass front upper cabinets.

The Color Gray

As minimalism began to gain steam a decade ago, the color gray began to take over many home kitchens. 2024 may begin to see the end of gray. Last year, warmer colors like beige started to make more headway into the kitchen palette. This year, even more color is creeping into kitchen neutrals with green-grays, yellow-beiges, and lots more blue.

This year’s colors are bold but not overpowering and warm but not stifling. More color in this year’s color schemes are set to become the go-to choices for the upcoming year.

Small kitchen in white with open shelves.
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Monochrome White

White kitchens are untouchable in design. There will always be space for the white kitchen. However, many designers are concerned that too much white can look flat and cheap, which makes them a kitchen trend to avoid in 2024—unless you make some modifications . . .

There are several ways to do all white without going overboard. Provide some context in color with accents or with an equal measure of another color. Color doesn’t have to be bold and bright, even another neutral color or metallic can help elevate white to a new level. You could also opt for adding texture to your white kitchen. Some texture gives a white kitchen depth and creates a richer design.

One of the best ways to balance your kitchen’s color scheme is through the cabinets. We recommend sampling your preferred color first so you know exactly what works before you buy.

Greige cabinets in a large kitchen.

Metallics . . . Maybe

Metallics are an accent that can feel dated quickly. But experts are rethinking how we determine trends around them. Brass and gold toned fixtures are often assigned to the 1980s and stainless steel to the early 2000s. But it’s time to think differently. Instead of kicking any particular metallic off the palette in 2024, experts are saying you should do what works with your lifestyle, tastes, and space. Instead think about the combinations you can create with metallics and choose what works best for your design.

  • Brushed nickel with bright or bold colors
  • Stainless steel with rich woods
  • Glass with dark colors
  • Copper, brass, gold with rich jewel tones like midnight blue

When choosing your metallic accents for the kitchen, don’t forget about your cabinets. Colors like blue and gray or a natural wooden look are perfect additions to your kitchen.

Medium kitchen with dark cabinets and marble accents.
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Oversized Islands

A kitchen island is a popular style that’s not going away. But islands the size of an actual island are something you need to reconsider for 2024.

Choosing a double island or an island that’s way too large will restrict your movement and hamper the functionality of your kitchen. Instead, study your kitchen and build an island that reasonably sized for the right mixture of function and style.

For an even better result, some designers are reimagining the island altogether. If you want the island-style prep space that can act as a makeshift dining space, choose a vintage table of reasonable length and width instead.

Blush tile backsplash with white shaker cabinets.
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Open Concept

The pandemic shifted the way we live forever. Home is often a place of work too. With the home doing more these days, the demand for more specific, and separate, spaces has increased.

Separating the kitchen from the living room is the first step in the end of the popularity of the open concept design. Keeping messes, smells, and tasks of the kitchen away from work and relaxation spaces is an approach you’ll see more of in 2024 and beyond.

Modern white u-shaped kitchen in scandinavian style. Open shelves in the kitchen with plants and jars. Lilac bouquet in vase standing on wooden countertop

Subway Tile Backsplashes

Backsplashes, especially statement backsplashes are still at the forefront of 2024 kitchen trends. However, subway tile is taking a backseat. White subway tile has been a staple in the kitchen for decades, a real classic. But 2024 is looking to more unique backsplash applications like

  • Unique color tile
  • Different patterns of tile
  • Stonework
  • Wallpaper

Now you’re equipped to conquer your remodel! With the knowledge of trends you should avoid in 2024 and what to do instead, you’re ready to create a kitchen that will stay relevant.

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