Cabinet & Paint Pairings for 2024’s Colors of the Year

At the end of each year, the world’s top paint companies like Pantone and Benjamin-Moore announce their picks for the color trends that will define the year ahead.

In 2023, the colors centered around self-expression and experimentation, fueling color trends that are much more vibrant. In 2024, however, there is a shared sentiment among designers of the need for more organic hues like green and blue as design experts focus on finding ways to bring the outdoors inside.

Pairing Cabinetry with the Colors of the Year

One of the easiest rooms in the home to experiment with color is undoubtedly the kitchen. From the backsplash and countertops to the place settings and hardware, there is an endless amount of areas where you can get creative with unique color choices in the decor and styling.

If you’re hoping to add “Viridis,” “Persimmon,” “Thermal” or any of the other earthy colors of the year to your kitchen, it’s wise to focus first on whether or not these colors will pair well with your existing cabinetry.

It may be worth it to give your cabinets a refreshing update before you integrate any striking colors to the space, as kitchen cabinetry always provides the cornerstone or foundation for the rest of the room’s style and vibe. 

To help you in your design decision making, here are 3 ways you can integrate next year’s color trends alongside contemporary kitchen cabinetry choices for a vibrant and updated look.

Skipping Stones & Natural Hickory Shaker

1. Skipping Stones & Natural Hickory Shaker Cabinetry

The trend of late has been toward warmer colors but this year, color experts are experimenting with colors that feel warm and welcoming, like blue (a traditionally cool color). Skipping Stones by Dunn-Edwards is a calm, breezy blue that is inviting and cozy but still crisp. It makes the perfect partner to natural, warm colors, especially rustic woods.

Natural Hickory Shaker cabinets pair effortlessly with this beautiful blue. High-contrast, distinctive graining gives this cabinet a very natural look without really being rustic. It offsets country designs but works well with a more modern look and feel as well.

Cracked Pepper & Weston Sand Shaker

2. Cracked Pepper & Weston Sand Shaker Cabinetry

Deep, nearly black, Cracked Pepper by Behr, is another color experiment with a traditionally cool color made warm. The softened black color is a warm gray that has almost touchable warmth.

Next to Weston Sand Shaker cabinets, Cracked Pepper is a warm, yet high-contrast winning combination. The light beige of the cabinets is the perfect warm complement to the dark paint.

Upward & Grizzly Shaker

3. Upward & Grizzly Shaker Cabinetry

Upward by Sherwin-Williams is a barely there blue that looks like a sunshiny winter day. It’s meant to bright and uplifting, evoking a welcoming and happy feeling despite its icy inspiration. The slight hint of color makes it a perfect neutral so use it liberally.

Well suited to Upward’s light and bright aesthetic, Grizzly Shaker cabinets are a rich, earthy hue that that allows the lofty sky and grounded earth to meet in harmony. Grizzly is a warm walnut with even tones and graining. Put them together for a welcoming kitchen vibe.

In addition to these show-stopping color choices, there are hundreds of other creative ways to infuse color into your kitchen. Check out these kitchen color trends that are all about warmth and coziness.

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