Cabinet & Paint Pairings for 2023’s Colors of the Year

At the end of each year, the world’s top paint companies like Pantone and Benjamin-Moore announce their picks for the color trends that will define the year ahead.

In 2022, the colors centered around organic hues like green as design experts focused on finding ways to bring the outdoors inside. In 2023, however, there is a shared sentiment among designers of the need for greater self-expression and experimentation, fueling color trends that are much more vibrant than in years past.

Going with a bright, crimson red, Pantone’s pick for 2023 is Viva Magenta 18-750, which the paint company affirms is a color that “promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration” and displays vivacity and strength.

Similarly, Benjamin Moore’s pick for 2023 is also in the family of reds: Raspberry Blush 2008-30. Leaning more towards red-orange than red, like Pantone’s pick, this color choice is defined as “the definition of charismatic color” and is all about energizing positivity.

With both of these unapologetically animated reds on the design world’s radar for next year, many homeowners will be looking for ways to incorporate these color trends into their interiors to stay relevant. But where to begin?

Pairing Cabinetry with the Colors of the Year

One of the easiest rooms in the home to experiment with color is undoubtedly the kitchen. From the backsplash and countertops to the place settings and hardware, there is an endless amount of areas where you can get creative with unique color choices in the decor and styling.

If you’re hoping to add Viva Magenta, Raspberry Blush, or any other vibrant hue to your kitchen, it’s wise to focus first on whether or not these colors will pair well with your existing cabinetry. It may be worth it to give your cabinets a refreshing update before you integrate any striking colors to the space, as kitchen cabinetry always provides the cornerstone or foundation for the rest of the room’s style and vibe. 

To help you in your design decision making, here are 3 ways you can integrate next year’s color trends alongside contemporary kitchen cabinetry choices for a vibrant and updated look.

1. Raspberry Blush & Midnight Blue Cabinetry

If your heart is set on Raspberry Blush, making sure your cabinets complement this striking shade of red is essential – and shockingly easy! This is because raspberry pairs perfectly with shades of blue, offering a coastal feel that’s reminiscent of red-orange coral reefs and calming-blue water.

Whether you incorporate Raspberry Blush into your backsplash tiles or even in decor choices like your kitchen linens or island centerpiece, these Florence Midnight Blue Kitchen Cabinets will make for a harmonious pairing. Subtle and serene, this hyper-cool cabinetry choice will set the stage for any Raspberry Blush accents to really pop.

2. Viva Magenta & White Shaker Cabinetry

If Pantone’s color trend of the year for 2023 speaks more to your soul, you’ll be pleased to know that this playful shade of pinkish-red will work well in any kitchen – so long as your cabinetry is classic and understated. Viva Magenta, while undeniably show-stopping, can actually pair great with simple white cabinetry, which allows this vivacious color to have its moment.

These Frameless White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets offer an ultra-modern and chic option that create a perfect backdrop for an infusion of vibrant magenta. Opting for Viva Magenta kitchenware (like your stand mixer or storage canisters along the island) is an easy way to add this bold color without going overboard, and you can then tie in other colors like yellow, orange, or green for a complete (and completely lively!) look.

3. Either Color Trend & Storm Grey Cabinetry

A final way to pair either of next year’s color trends with your kitchen cabinetry is to go with a choice like these Storm Grey Frameless Kitchen Cabinets. Grey is universally recognized as a neutral color that goes with pretty much anything, meaning it will work well as a foundational shade in a space peppered with Viva Magenta or Raspberry Blush accents. By adding grey cabinetry to your kitchen, you will instantly achieve a look of modern luxury that’s sleek, clean, and perfectly ripe for red color infusions in the artwork, place settings, curtains, or florals.

In addition to these show-stopping color choices, there are hundreds of other creative ways to infuse color into your kitchen. Check out these kitchen color trends that are all about warmth and coziness.

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