Top 6 Kitchen Color Trends

Trending in 2021

Kitchen color trends of 2021 are all about drama. There’s more vibrancy, more contrast, and more personal expression. It’s the year for inclusivity; just about any color palette you can dream up can be tweaked to find its place in the hottest trends of 2021. Gather a few guiding principles and let your dream come to life.

White kitchen with high-contrast black island and accessories.

1. Statement Island

In 2021 the kitchen island got bigger. Bigger in size and bolder in color. It’s the centerpiece of the kitchen, which is the centerpiece of the house, so it’s no wonder that it’s getting more attention. It is perfectly fine for the island to be a different color than the rest of the kitchen cabinets. In fact, it’s encouraged.

If you prefer to keep things a bit more monochromatic, plan to add bold pops of color in your décor and accessories. Anything that’s going to make the island stand out is a go.

Kitchen with two different cabinet colors: white and hickory colored shaker cabinets.

2. Mix and Match

Perhaps the monochromatic kitchen will never go out of style, but 2021 kitchen color trends let you ease up on the single color kitchen quite a bit. You can even go two-tone on the bigger elements of your kitchen like cabinets. Do a finished wood cabinet for the perimeter of your kitchen and a colored cabinet for the island.

Add colored appliances to your neutral kitchen (range, fridge, etc.) for some color that makes the more permanent bits of the kitchen stand out with vibrance.

3. Gray Revisited

Gray is another color that’s not going anywhere this year. But this year gray has taken a new direction.

In previous years, gray trends were defined mostly by how dark or light they were or how warm or cool they were. This year, gray has edged into color with purple-grays and green-grays finding favor over traditional grays. It’s the perfect way to subtly add color to your kitchen.

4. White Hot

A white kitchen will always be on trend. That doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of color, though. It’s a blank canvas for splashes of bright color that create a statement kitchen while still retaining the pristine white background.

Try a colored dining set, bright curtains, or a colorful rug. A fun backsplash or even wallpaper can add a dash of color to break up the white. A white kitchen is perfect for art too. Art is not necessarily an expected element in the kitchen so it can really add some punch.

5. Singing the Blues

Everything from robin egg blue to navy is right at home in the kitchen in 2021. It’s been gaining popularity over the last couple of years so there are plenty of options for blue kitchens. Blue blends well with most other colors and can be used as an alternative to any neutral.

Use blue plentifully in the kitchen anywhere from the backsplash and cabinets to lighting and other accents. For brighter tones of blue, paint an accent wall or even the ceiling. Medium to dark blues look great on the island or even the perimeter cabinets. You pretty much can’t go wrong with blue.

White kitchen with robin egg-blue retro style refrigerator in the foreground.

6. Interrupt with Color

Put more than a pop of color in your kitchen. Interrupt instead. Some color on a larger anchor item in the kitchen draws attention. If you have a unique feature in your kitchen, consider adding color to it.

A painted plate rack does double duty because plate racks are hot in 2021 and painted a vibrant color, your kitchen will surely turn heads. The colored island or appliance is another great example of how to interrupt with color. These interruptions become the focus of your kitchen.

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