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The kitchen color trends of 2024 are all about the individual. Building off the momentum of last year’s trends, 2024 will feature even more warmth, natural elements, cozy details, and ultimately, personal expression. Gather a few guiding principles and let your dream come to life this year.

Kitchen with blue cabinets in an open galley layout.
Florence Midnight Blue Cabinets

1. Cabinets

Quality cabinets are not going out of style anytime soon. But heading into 2024, there are certain color schemes that’ll keep your kitchen on the cutting edge of interior design.

The first cabinet trend that’s set to define 2024 are two-tone cabinets. While single-tone kitchens have been popular for years, they’re now on the way out. Two-tone cabinets make your kitchen look and feel more unique, with popular color pairings like black and white creating subtle depth and contrast. Check out our blog for tips and tricks on how to style your two-tone cabinets.

Darker cabinet colors are the other big cabinet trend for 2024. In general, kitchen colors are trending towards darker, earthier tones for a more natural look.

2. Natural Tones

The calming, earth tones of natural materials will continue to reign supreme in 2024. Terracotta, sage, and ocean blues are plentiful in 2024. Any color with some warmth is an excellent choice.

Wood is naturally warm and perfectly suits today’s color trends. Use plenty of wood with fine, linear grain like walnut and oak to double up on trending colors and textures. Same goes for stone. Select natural colors with veins rather than grains (marble and quartz over granite).

Another natural to include in your 2024 designs is natural lighting. It enhances the colors in your design while providing eco-friendly benefits. Skylights, large windows, and glass walls will be big players in design this next year.

Kitchen with two different cabinet colors: white and hickory colored shaker cabinets.
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3. Mix and Match

Perhaps the monochromatic kitchen will never go out of style, but 2024 kitchen color trends let you ease up on the single color kitchen quite a bit. Popular color combinations for mixing and matching include dark wood and gold, olive green and cream, beige and charcoal, blush/coral and deep blue.

In practice, this looks like:

  • A finished wood cabinet for the perimeter of your kitchen and a colored cabinet for the island.
  • Colored appliances to your neutral kitchen (range, fridge, etc.) for some color that makes the more permanent bits of the kitchen stand out with vibrance.
  • Pairing cabinets with your hardware (e.g., white cabinets and black hardware, blue cabinets and brass hardware, etc.)

The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild in the name of individual expression.

Navy blue shaker cabinets with a white island and two pendant lights overhead.
Navy Blue Shaker Cabinets

4. Warm Tones

If you’re looking to make your mark on your kitchen’s color scheme, nothing’s makes a statement quite like a warmer tone. The major paint providers largely agree, with many of them choosing different shades of warm colors for their 2024 color picks.

Graham & Brown crowned “Viridis” as the color of the year. The sage-olive color is warm yet neutral enough for widespread application.

Sherwin Williams chose the rosy hue “Persimmon”, a blend of blush and beige. It successfully bridges the gap between neutral and accent color and blurs the lines in a way that enlivens design.

Glidden introduced “Limitless”, a creamy-beige-yellow that can hardly be categorized. It is an equal blend of neutral, background, and accent color all in one. It’s the perfect, all-over color that brings warmth in droves.

Collage of two rooms. One in sage green and the other in deep blue.

5. Blue

Three paint giants choose blue as their color of the year, a bold move when the color trends lean to the warm end of the spectrum. C2 Paint chose “Thermal”, an airy sky-blue with a hint of gray for softness.

Valspar dubbed “Renew Blue” their color of the year. This robin-egg blue is serene yet energizing and creates a refreshing atmosphere.

Minwax introduced an interesting blue wood stain that allows the grain to show through yet adds a brilliant splash of exciting blue-green. It’s called “Bay Blue” and fits right in with this year’s natural leanings.

Another great way to add color and warmth to your kitchen is with the cabinets. Try one of our cozy blue cabinets in your design.

White kitchen with robin egg-blue retro style refrigerator in the foreground.

6. Interrupt with Color

Put more than a pop of color in your kitchen. Interrupt instead. Some color on a larger anchor item in the kitchen draws attention. If you have a unique feature in your kitchen, consider adding color to it.

A painted plate rack does double duty because plate racks are hot in 2024 and painted a vibrant color, your kitchen will surely turn heads. The colored island or appliance is another great example of how to interrupt with color. These interruptions become the focus of your kitchen and a great example of your unique personality.

Take a look at the cabinet color options available to you at RTA Cabinet Store and start planning for a beautiful, on trend kitchen this year.

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