4 Go-To Cabinet & Hardware Pairings for the Kitchen

Looking to make a quick update to your kitchen? One of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform your kitchen’s style is to focus on the smaller details – like cabinet hardware.  

Nowadays, cabinet hardware is much more than just a useful feature to help you open and close doors and drawers. From charming mushroom-shaped cabinet knobs in polished brass to whimsical designer infinity cabinet knobs, there are thousands of options when it comes to hardware finishes, sizes, and shapes.  

This means that it’s up to you to choose hardware that matches your personal taste as well as the style of your kitchen. It can be challenging to know which finishes will look best with your established color palette. 

For instance, if your kitchen follows a modern farmhouse style, it wouldn’t make much sense to install cabinet knobs that are glitzy and glamorous like these cone-shaped crystal knobs. Similarly, if you’ve just incorporated new navy cabinetry, adding hardware that’s matte black will clash and get lost amongst the dark-colored panels. 

As you contemplate which hardware will match best with your kitchen cabinets, here are our recommendations for perfect color and hardware pairings.  

Gray Kitchen Cabinets + Metallic Hardware 

If you’re wondering what color hardware goes with gray cabinets, the most common color is silver, as silver perfectly complements the gray palette. However, if you feel like silver is too well-matched to the gray color of your cabinets, really any metallic hardware will mesh well with gray.  

If your cabinets are a warm-tone gray like Windon Shaker cabinets, brass or even bronze drawer knobs can be very flattering, especially if they’re paired with matching light fixtures or sink hardware. If your cabinets are a darker gray tone like Stone Gray Shaker cabinets, rose gold knobs can add a trendy, high-end look to the space and make a real statement.  

White Kitchen Cabinets + Black Hardware 

With white cabinets like Weston White Shaker cabinets, any color hardware is going to stand out, so you want to make sure that you choose a finish that’s bold and beautiful! Whether the style of your kitchen is traditional or modern, black hardware is a classic pairing with white cabinetry that’s both simple and timeless.  

You can opt for a plain yet contemporary choice like this fulcrum bar cabinet knob, or you can go for something more creative like this wrought steel black birdcage knob. The best part about this classic pairing is it’s incredibly versatile, making it easy to add pops of color to the rest of your kitchen in the form of decorations, vases, and even small appliances.  

Cabinet knob with spiraling tendrils.

Midnight Blue Cabinets + Brass Hardware 

One of the most popular cabinet shades in recent years and a color trend that is sure to continue is blue. Not only does it look great with wooden accents, but it is subtle enough to allow for the addition of eccentric and unpredictable features – like brass hardware.  

Choosing a finish like brass will add instant glamor and refinement to any kitchen. With so many stunning brass options, like these monarch cabinet knobs in brushed golden brass, your blue cabinets will become the focus of the entire kitchen when accented by hardware that gleams. Plus, over time, the metal will age into the perfect patina! 

Wooden Cabinets + Polished Nickel Hardware 

A final color and hardware pairing that looks lovely in any kitchen is the combination of natural wood cabinets and polished nickel pulls or knobs. Why does this combo work so well together? Well, for one, we all know that opposites attract – and the same is true for interior design. The warmth of the wood makes it possible for the polished nickel to truly sparkle!  

Selecting hardware like this charming brass pear knob will be complementary to wood cabinets like mahogany cabinets, especially in a kitchen that follows a traditional vibe. If you want to go with a more decorative option, there are plenty of polished nickel knobs available that have careful detailing, like this dolphin round-shaped knob.  

We’re looking ahead to the top interior design trends that will take kitchen design by storm. Here are some of the leading trend predictions to keep on your radar.  

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