Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets Have Been Found!

When building a house, or even remodeling a kitchen, it’s always a good thing when you save some money.  But sometimes, you need to spend the extra money to make sure you get the quality, stability, beauty and longevity you need on certain things, and kitchen cabinets are top of the list.

Most people get the best kitchen cabinets they can afford, even sacrificing other items or levels of quality in different parts of the house just to be able to raise their budget for the kitchen.  Things are different than they used to be.  You can have everything you want in a cabinet for a surprisingly reasonable price.  RTA kitchen cabinets are the answer!

RTA Kitchen Cabinets and Quality Levels

Let’s qualify our following statements by saying that not all RTA kitchen cabinets are made equal.  We here are RTA Cabinet Store make sure that each line of cabinets we sell are of the highest quality.  There are some places, though, that have lower quality cabinets, and that’s fine for them, but we prefer to have the best available to our customers.

Our RTA kitchen cabinets are made in factories at the highest standard possible, and with every available advanced technology applied in the creation process, ensuring the most advanced and stable cabinet you could possibly get, even more so than custom.

The specifications are so exact, that the slightest deviation in one of our RTA kitchen cabinet pieces marks it for immediate recycling.  This ensures that nearly every cabinet shipped is perfectly formed, and ready for assembly.  Check out some of our cabinet lines here:

Save Money

Because of the nearly automated process of making the cabinets, and the advent of cheaper shipping, RTA kitchen cabinets are much cheaper than other options.  Selling through a virtual storefront such as ours also allows us to offer the cabinets at a much cheaper price than a brick and mortar store.  You CAN get the quality, stability, beauty and longevity you need in your kitchen cabinets and save money at the same time!

You’ve gotten a lot of information about kitchen cabinets, but how do you put it all together? Get help today with a free kitchen design consultation by one of RTA Cabinet Store’s professionally trained designers. Just go to or give us a call at 1 (610) 337-5934 to get started!

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What’s Up with Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Elegant_White_ShakerIf you have ever been in more than one home in your life, you have probably seen Shaker style kitchen cabinets, even if you didn’t know the name.  They are the most ubiquitous style of kitchen cabinet in the United States, and most likely, the world.  They are great looking, stable, and most of all, easy to make, i.e. very cost effective and lower priced than many other cabinet styles.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Construction

What makes a cabinet style Shaker?  It’s pretty simple really.  Each cabinet door and drawer has five panels which make up its construction.  Four of the panels make up the frame of the door, and are of equal width.  These are all thicker than the 5th panel, which is recessed behind, and framed by, the rest of the panels.  It’s like a simple, rectangular picture frame with the same color canvas in the center!

Also, for strength and visually clean lines, the horizontal frame panels slot into the vertical panels, making the joins vertical, and stronger for a cabinet door or drawer as compared to horizontal joins.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets—Styles Galore!

Traditional Shaker kitchen cabinets are white.  This is the color that used to define the Shaker style.  Check out our line of White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets, here:

Things have changed and advanced, though, and now there are many Shaker styles available.  One style we sell quite a bit of here at RTA Cabinet Store is the Arlington Linen Shaker (, which has thinner and beveled frames on the doors and drawers, and elegant trim for the upper lines of the top cabinets.

More than a third of our RTA kitchen cabinet lines are Shaker styles, including wood face, veneer, white, dark, and medium colors.  Shaker kitchen cabinets are also very easy to maintain and clean.  And, on the off chance something does happen to a cabinet face, or even box, these cabinets are so popular that there is pretty much a guarantee that replacement parts will be available for many years to come.

Check out some Shaker RTA kitchen cabinets today, and be sure to sign up for your no obligation, completely free kitchen design consultation with one of RTA Cabinet Store’s professional designers at!


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Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When choosing kitchen cabinets, everyone wants the best.  The desire for the best, however, is usually tempered by the need to stick within a budget.  Because of the budget, people often make compromises, and the compromise is usually the quality of the cabinets, rather than the look.

Unfortunately for many unsuspecting buyers, it’s pretty easy to find good looking, but low-quality cabinets for a reasonable price.  As technology has advanced, good quality cabinet prices have come down, however.  There is an answer to the conundrum of price vs. quality, and that answer is RTA kitchen cabinets!

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

While not all cabinets are created equal, the RTA kitchen cabinets we sell here at RTA Cabinet Store are manufactured to be of the highest quality, using materials that are intended to last the lifetime of your home.  Instead of cheap particle board, almost every line of our cabinets uses all-wood construction, including using veneered plywood doors on lines where there would normally be a chance where the wood might warp or split.  Check out one of our lines with all-wood construction:

Solid Wood Doors

Since your RTA kitchen cabinet doors are pretty much the most used part of your kitchen, they take the most wear and tear, and suffer the most bumps and dings.  This is where wood construction is so important.

Particle board doesn’t do very well with hard knocks, routinely denting and scratching much easier than wood.  Well treated wood also better resists the stressors of heat and dampness. The heat and damp can warp and crack door and drawer faces, especially if they are made cheaply.  A solid wood door or plywood with veneer is much stronger and has a much better chance to resist, well, everything!


In case you were wondering, high grade plywood is often stronger than regular wood.  Layered together at right angles and in multiple layers, plywood has a very high tensile strength, and is very resistant to torsion.  Having no bendability and being super resistant to cracking and warping makes it a perfect substrate for a wood veneer, and for the boxes of a cabinet.  As plywood can also be made from any species of tree, oftentimes cabinet lines use the same species of tree in their plywood as the doors and drawers of the line.  This means super-strong boxes, shelves, and doors, all made of wood of the same type.

You can learn more about plywood, and other specifications that make RTA kitchen cabinets of such high quality by clicking this link to get your free downloadable copy of The Consumer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets.


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What Exactly Is Plywood and Plywood Grade?

When most people hear the word “plywood,” they think of a large flat piece of wood, glued and pressed together to make a patchwork-looking sheet.  While this is a very common type of plywood, many other types, or “grades” exist.  Read on to find out what they are!


Plywood is thin wood layers which are pressed together and glued by a resin.  The grains of the wood in higher grade sheets are laid with their grains perpendicular, ensuring that the sheet will be resistant to expansion and shrinking, it improves rigidity, and it makes the plywood sheet uniformly strong, making sure there are no weak spots.

Most plywood sheets have an odd number of layers, which helps to balance the sheet.  Higher quality plywood can have a 5-layer design, in which the grain is layered at not 90 degrees to the previous, but at 45, ensuring enhanced strength on multiple axes.

Plywood Grade

A plywood grade is a letter designation that identifies how good the plywood is for certain purposes.  The grades are normally 2 letters, the first letter for the grade of the face and the second for the back.

An A-grade face has no visible defects, and is good for clear finishing.  A grade is for decorative appearance.  B grade is also an appearance-based grade, but is allowed to have small knots.  For example, some cabinet style lines use this grade, as it provides a natural look to the wood.  C grade is a grade with knots and defects, but these have been filled, and the surface is smooth.  D grade can have knots and defects, and doesn’t have the defects filled in.  This grade is more for structural purposes.

Cabinet Plywood Grades

Just about every cabinet style we carry here at RTA Cabinet Store has plywood in it somewhere, as it helps immensely to strengthen the cabinets.  Most often, the plywood grades used are A and B grade faces, depending on the cabinets.  For the boxes, for example, AB or AC grade sheets can be used, the A grade face used in visible areas, and the B or C grade faces facing the areas not seen (such as between the back of the box, and the wall.  When a cabinet door or drawer has a veneer, normally CC grade plywood is used.  It is cheaper to source, yet has all the strength of the higher grades.  As it is covered by the veneer, there is no problem with its appearance!

We hope that this has educated you somewhat about plywood and its different grades!  Check out the specs of the cabinets you like, and also avoid getting ripped off, making mistakes and losing money when you buy your kitchen cabinets. The information you need is in The Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets; just click the link to download your free copy!


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Kitchen DIY Projects Are the Way to Go

In today’s world, no one likes to spend more money than they absolutely have to.  We understand this very well at RTA Cabinet Store.  Our business is streamlined to save the maximum amount of overhead costs so that we can pass savings on to the customer, without sacrificing service or quality.

One thing that you can do to save even more is do-it-yourself installation.  If you are reading this, you probably already have, or will have, a kitchen made from RTA kitchen cabinets, and your budget was (or will be!) much lower than you would normally expect.  There are other things you can do, though, to spruce up your home with kitchen DIY projects!

Some DIY Project Ideas

One thing that makes a kitchen really stand out is the kitchen island.  This is a DIY project that just about anyone can tackle.  There are many ways to make a kitchen island, and not all of them have to be complicated.  They can be as simple as getting a small table to match your kitchen cabinets and putting it in the middle of your kitchen, or as complicated as making a kitchen island out of RTA kitchen cabinets, complete with countertop, an oven and range built in.

Most people go for something in between, but your choice should depend, in part, on your skill level.  You can have this luxury at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay to have someone do it for you.  Take a look at some of our cabinet lines to get an idea of what your island could look like here:

Increase Your Skill Set

As we are now living in the information age, the knowledge that you need to learn how to do something is right at your fingertips.  There are countless manuals, videos, instruction pages, etc. online, just waiting for someone to access them and increase their knowledge.  If you have an idea for a DIY project in your kitchen, search for it!  Maybe someone else has already done it and can point you in the right direction.  Better yet, video YOUR project and post it online so that others can benefit!  Your better kitchen is just a small DIY project away!

Be sure to also head over to and check out the free online kitchen design tool now.  It’s also a good place to make a virtual model of your kitchen and to jumpstart your ideas!  Start designing your dream kitchen today!


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Get Your Kitchen Cabinets Quickly!

Beautiful customer service operator woman with headset, isolatedWhen most people hear the words “rush job,” it’s usually with a twinge of dread for the buyer and a happy day for the seller.  This doesn’t happen too often in the world of kitchen cabinetry, but that isn’t to say that it NEVER does.  You may come into a situation where you need to get your kitchen finished very quickly, starting from the ground up.  Fortunately, RTA kitchen cabinets are the right answer to your speed problem.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets to the Rescue

Most kitchens take a long time to make, and need at least 3 or 4 days to install, if not weeks.  Not so with RTA kitchen cabinets.  We here at RTA Cabinet Store pride ourselves on many things associated with these amazing kitchen cabinets, but one of them is the speed and ease of which they can be put together and installed.  The quality control on them is outstanding, and our kitchen design and ordering process is streamlined to the point that you could have your kitchen designed virtually, ordered, delivered and installed within a work week.  If things go well, it could be in as little as two or three days!

The Process of Ordering

Once you have spoken with one of our design experts and designed your kitchen in our free online design tool, then you can place your order.  If it’s a rush job, the expert you have been working with can do their best to push things through quickly.  Depending on where you live, there also might be expedited shipping available!

Once you have ordered, it might be a good idea to get a team of experts, preferably two or three workers, to install your kitchen, unless you have a good deal of experience yourself.  With RTA kitchen cabinets, a normal sized kitchen can often be installed in one to two days.

Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget

Just because it’s a rush job doesn’t mean that it’s going to be that much more expensive.  Your RTA kitchen cabinets are going to cost the same amount.  The only things you may have to pay extra for is potential expedited shipping and installers.  If you have the knowhow, then you can also install it yourself and save a bundle!

Ready to start designing your kitchen today?’s free online design tool will help! Get started here:

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