Top 6 Kitchen Color Trends

Trending in 2021

Kitchen color trends of 2021 are all about drama. There’s more vibrancy, more contrast, and more personal expression. It’s the year for inclusivity; just about any color palette you can dream up can be tweaked to find its place in the hottest trends of 2021. Gather a few guiding principles and let your dream come to life.

White kitchen with high-contrast black island and accessories.

1. Statement Island

In 2021 the kitchen island got bigger. Bigger in size and bolder in color. It’s the centerpiece of the kitchen, which is the centerpiece of the house, so it’s no wonder that it’s getting more attention. It is perfectly fine for the island to be a different color than the rest of the kitchen cabinets. In fact, it’s encouraged.

If you prefer to keep things a bit more monochromatic, plan to add bold pops of color in your décor and accessories. Anything that’s going to make the island stand out is a go.

Kitchen with two different cabinet colors: white and hickory colored shaker cabinets.

2. Mix and Match

Perhaps the monochromatic kitchen will never go out of style, but 2021 kitchen color trends let you ease up on the single color kitchen quite a bit. You can even go two-tone on the bigger elements of your kitchen like cabinets. Do a finished wood cabinet for the perimeter of your kitchen and a colored cabinet for the island.

Add colored appliances to your neutral kitchen (range, fridge, etc.) for some color that makes the more permanent bits of the kitchen stand out with vibrance.

3. Gray Revisited

Gray is another color that’s not going anywhere this year. But this year gray has taken a new direction.

In previous years, gray trends were defined mostly by how dark or light they were or how warm or cool they were. This year, gray has edged into color with purple-grays and green-grays finding favor over traditional grays. It’s the perfect way to subtly add color to your kitchen.

4. White Hot

A white kitchen will always be on trend. That doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of color, though. It’s a blank canvas for splashes of bright color that create a statement kitchen while still retaining the pristine white background.

Try a colored dining set, bright curtains, or a colorful rug. A fun backsplash or even wallpaper can add a dash of color to break up the white. A white kitchen is perfect for art too. Art is not necessarily an expected element in the kitchen so it can really add some punch.

5. Singing the Blues

Everything from robin egg blue to navy is right at home in the kitchen in 2021. It’s been gaining popularity over the last couple of years so there are plenty of options for blue kitchens. Blue blends well with most other colors and can be used as an alternative to any neutral.

Use blue plentifully in the kitchen anywhere from the backsplash and cabinets to lighting and other accents. For brighter tones of blue, paint an accent wall or even the ceiling. Medium to dark blues look great on the island or even the perimeter cabinets. You pretty much can’t go wrong with blue.

White kitchen with robin egg-blue retro style refrigerator in the foreground.

6. Interrupt with Color

Put more than a pop of color in your kitchen. Interrupt instead. Some color on a larger anchor item in the kitchen draws attention. If you have a unique feature in your kitchen, consider adding color to it.

A painted plate rack does double duty because plate racks are hot in 2021 and painted a vibrant color, your kitchen will surely turn heads. The colored island or appliance is another great example of how to interrupt with color. These interruptions become the focus of your kitchen.

Take a look at the cabinet color options available to you at RTA Cabinet Store and start planning for a beautiful, on trend kitchen this year.

Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Clean on Top of Kitchen Cabinets

The weather warms, the sun comes out, and you’re ready to sweep away the physical (and mental) dust of the winter. Spring cleaning time!

You’ve probably already added cabinets to your list of things to do, but don’t forget the top of the cabinets too. Unless your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, they are collecting the grease and dust that are a part of everyday kitchen life. Be brave and give them a look, you’ll see what we mean.

Grease goes airborne in your kitchen and gathers on horizontal surfaces, especially those up high. That’s why the tops of your cabinets get gross. Most other surfaces in your kitchen are ones you see regularly and therefore clean more regularly. It’s easy to forget the top of the cabinets, but now’s the time to tackle that mess.

Never fear. We know it looks pretty bad up there, but we’ve got some great tips for how to clean on top of kitchen cabinets.

Get Rid of Loose Dirt

Start cleaning the top of kitchen cabinets by safely hauling your vacuum hose attachment up to the top of your cabinets. Without touching the sticky grease build up, vacuum up the loose dirt and debris. Getting the dry stuff out of the way first will make what comes next easier.


Spray a degreasing cleaning solution in a manageable working area on top of your cabinet. Let it sit and do its thing for a few minutes. Wipe clean with a soft cloth. Repeat until all the cabinet tops are clean. If you prefer more natural cleaners, vinegar and lemon juice are both natural alternatives. Use them undiluted on the greasy buildup and avoid unneeded chemicals. Learn more about other gentle cleaners you can use on your cabinets.

What to Do About Tough Buildup

If you find a degreaser and cloth don’t get the job done, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Start by spraying your degreaser again then add a sprinkle of baking soda. It provides a bit of scrubbing power that won’t damage your finish. If that doesn’t work, try a plastic scraper or old toothbrush to manually remove the buildup.

Prevent Dirty, Sticky Cabinet Tops

Never want to do this again? We agree, once is enough. After your cabinet tops are clean, put wax paper on top of them. The wax attracts the dust and grime like a magnet. All you have to do is replace the wax paper a couple times a year and you’re good to go.

Woman cleaning cabinets in a white kitchen.

More Tips for How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

To ensure your cabinets are not only clean but well-cared for, follow these tips.

  • Always use gentle cleaning solutions that won’t damage finishes
  • Don’t soak your cabinets with cleaner or water, they can be sensitive to too much moisture; instead spray cleaner in manageable areas and don’t let liquid sit too long
  • Keep water and cleaners away from hinges to prevent rust or damage to the metal
  • Dry your cabinets after cleaning

Read more about kitchen cabinet cleaning, including our best tips for regular cleaning, deep cleaning, organization, and more.

Why Kitchen Cabinets Are So Expensive & How to Save $$$ on Them

Cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen so it’s no wonder they are one of the bigger ticket items. It can seem incomprehensible as to why such a big chunk of your budget has to go to cabinets, especially when you’d rather have the money to splurge on other elements. So then, why are kitchen cabinets so expensive? Here are a few things to consider.

Construction and Material Quality

Cabinet making has a long history of craftsmanship. It’s a trade handed down from one generation to the next and great pride is attached to custom, bespoke cabinets. That’s why a set of kitchen cabinets can run $20,000 plus. Most cabinets (even factory manufactured) do require some hands-on work and that means labor costs, which drives up the price.

The good news is that factory manufactured cabinets offer excellent construction and durability so you don’t have to set aside huge sums of money to get quality cabinets. Some of the technology available today may even produce cabinets that rival the expensive cabinets at a fraction of the cost.

What the cabinet is made of has a huge impact on the cost as well. Hardwood makes for the most expensive cabinets and veneered particleboard is the least expensive. To get the most bang for your buck, most people opt for somewhere in between. Most cabinets are constructed with particleboard, fiberboard, or plywood for the interior of the cabinet. The front and the door of the cabinet may be of a different material, often hardwood, since it is the most visible and exposed. Learn more about the different options available for cabinet material.

Cabinets Are a Big-Ticket Item

Cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen design. They affect everything in the kitchen from the stove to the dishwasher. Cabinets account for 20-40% of your budget, usually the biggest single expense in the kitchen. With so much riding on them, it’s clear why kitchen cabinets are so expensive. If the cabinets aren’t right, nothing else will be either.

Think of it as in investment. It’s worth dedicating time, effort, and money to make sure you get the perfect layout, excellent durability, and a look you can love for decades to come. Use our layout tool to play with the possibilities. Or get free design help with one of our expert consultants.

Don’t be tempted to install cheap kitchen cabinets. Cheap cabinets skimp on construction and materials leaving you with regrets sooner rather than later. The cheapest cabinets are made with particle board, which can warp if exposed to liquids, stain, and even begin to fall apart as wear and time take their toll.

There’s no way around having to dedicate a significant amount of your budget to cabinets, but there are plenty of ways to get good quality and the look you want without breaking the bank.

Man assembling ready-to-assemble cabinets with power tools.

How Can I Save Money On New Kitchen Cabinets?

Do you have to spend $10,000 or more to get quality kitchen cabinets? No. There are plenty of ways to get cabinets that will serve you well for many years without shelling out for a custom job or hardwood construction. Here are a few ideas.

DIY with Ready to Assemble

Save a bunch on cabinets by installing them yourself. Labor contributes a lot to the total cost of cabinets so check into RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets. These high-quality construction and material cabinets are shipped to you flat and all you have to do is put them together–IKEA style but without all the overly confusing instructions.

Peruse these instructions or try YouTube to get an idea of what you’re getting into. We offer fully DIY-able kitchen cabinets that are easy to assemble and install. Give your budget a break with RTA cabinets.

Woman making an online purchase from a laptop.

Shop Sales

Buy cabinets that are a step up from what your budget will allow by shopping the sales. You can get cabinets 20% off or more if you bide your time and find the best sales. Keep an eye out for sales at our website. Learn more about how to shop cabinet sales.

Buy Used

Sometimes you can find used custom cabinets at a remarkable price. People remodeling their kitchens will sometimes even let you have the cabinets if you come remove them yourself. Use Craig’s List, Marketplace, or other classifieds then wait for the right opportunity to come along. You never know what you may find.

Search a Wide Selection

RTA Cabinet Store offers you the best way to save money on kitchen cabinets: a broad selection. We have high-quality cabinets in a range of price points so you can find what you’re looking for within your budget. Start your search today!

What Cabinets Do You Use for an Island?

Your Kitchen Island Questions Answered

One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a boost, both functionally and design-wise, is to add an island. Use cabinets as your island’s base and you’ll add storage, useful workspace, and solutions that make the kitchen one of the best rooms of the house. 

The only question you need to ask yourself is what cabinets do you use for an island. The options are broad and rely mostly on your design and tastes along with a few specs. Here are a few things to consider as you plan your new kitchen island.

Can You Use Base Cabinets for a Kitchen Island?

Yes! You can use base cabinets for a kitchen island. Base cabinets come in several different heights and many types and styles so you can create a custom island at a fraction of the price. Take the time to think through your island design and don’t let traditions keep you from all the amazing things do. More on that later. 

You will have to put your thinking cap on to ensure you get the right measurements and materials to support your kitchen island plans. For instance, if you are planning on stone countertops, take into account how that will affect the footprint of your island . Heavy stone countertops also require a proper foundation. Make sure you select a sturdy cabinet construction that can support the weight of your stone countertops.

Square kitchen island with wine rack on one side.

Be Creative

The sky’s the limit on what cabinets you can use for an island. Everything from open shelves to a cooktop can be added to an island. Appliances are a welcome asset to an island because they increase the functional space in your kitchen. Many choose to make the island the functional center of the kitchen with the sink and dishwasher located in the middle of the action. 

Creating a prep station on the island is another popular idea. Include an under the counter garbage can and a hole in the top of the counter for fast disposal. Small prep sinks are another great addition to the prep island. 

Design an island for in-kitchen entertaining. Include bar-style seating or different heights for seating and work space so you can attend to guests and cooking at the same time.

The island may be the obvious place for more under-counter storage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bit creative. Put in glass doors to break up the boxiness of the island. Leave doors off and opt for bookcase-like shelving.

Kitchen with wood island and white countertop.

Should Your Kitchen Island Match Your Cabinets?

The question of should your kitchen island match your cabinets is really up to you and your design. If you have a Scandinavian, hygge style or a minimalist design, matching your island to the rest of your kitchen cabinets is a must. Otherwise, go for it. 

An island of a different color–even contrasting–is a great choice for many designs. It sets the island apart and draws the eye. With the kitchen as the heart of the home and the island the heart of the kitchen, it makes sense to let the island draw that attention to itself. A beautiful navy blue cabinet for the island is a classy option. A rich walnut island against white shaker kitchen cabinets is a stunning choice.

Create a Kitchen Island Plan Using Stock Cabinets

It’s entirely possible to create a kitchen island plan using stock cabinets. In fact, you can use stock cabinets to create a custom island at a fraction of the price of a custom design. Go with taller cabinets to achieve a bistro-height island for kitchen seating. Or stay with time-tested standard height cabinets and customize with all kinds of fun elements like open shelving, wine racks, and spice organizers.

Stock cabinets come in all the sizes you need. Start by measuring and marking out the footprint of your island with some masking tape on your kitchen floor. Then determine the stock cabinets you need to complete your island. Try the RTA Cabinet Store Layout Tool, which will help you build your kitchen island layout.

Get Started

Whether you’re ready to start shopping or still looking for more inspiration, you can do it right here with the help of RTA Cabinet Store.

How to Shop Memorial Day Online Cabinet Sales

Shopping for a big ticket item like kitchen cabinets can be daunting. You may want the look and feel of custom cabinets but maybe your budget doesn’t agree. Shopping Memorial Day sales, even online cabinet sales, is the best way to get the cabinets of your dreams without destroying your budget. Here are a few tips and tricks to finding cabinets on a budget.

Have a Plan

You’ve heard the old adage, measure twice, cut once? You can end up spending far more than you’ve budgeted if you move forward without all your ducks in a row. Do all your homework by knowing the layout and measurements of your kitchen. 

If you will be working around an existing range or refrigerator be doubly careful about those measurements. For the most part, you’ll be able to find replacement cabinets easily, but if you are adding any custom features, double check that everything fits. A planning or layout tool can be helpful to ensure everything fits appropriately.

A couple planning a kitchen renovation with plans and tools surrounding them.

Make Informed Choices about Online Cabinet Sales

Cutting back on cabinet costs shouldn’t mean cutting corners. Get informed about cabinets so you can make good choices. Particle board cabinets may be cheap, but that’s mostly because the material is lower quality. Instead, save a few bucks by looking for salvaged or pre-owned cabinets. Wholesale or RTA cabinets offer high-quality at an affordable price so you can have the best of both worlds.

Work the Discounts & Promos

Big purchases are worth waiting for. Memorial Day sales, anyone? Sign up to be on the newsletter email list of your favorite cabinet company so you’ll be the first to know when deals and sales are coming up. Set up accounts on cabinet websites to save your favorites and start getting promo emails. Visit websites frequently to find sales. When you’ve got that discount or promo code, then the time is right to make your purchase.

Do-it-Yourself and Save

Save some money on cabinets by installing them yourself. RTA cabinets are designed for DIYers. You don’t need a lot of technical know-how, tools, or experience. If you don’t have the necessary tools, consider buying an installation kit. It includes everything you need to successfully install cabinets yourself.

Woman using a level to install kitchen cabinets.

Shop Like a Ninja

Sometimes finding a great deal on kitchen cabinets is about stealth. Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s a matter of pricing out, comparing prices, and working the system. Fill your shopping cart with all the cabinets you need then stop short of putting in your credit card number. You’ll gather useful information like shipping costs and other fees that will help you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Get Great Value with RTA Online Cabinet Sales

Ready-to-assemble cabinets can give you the flexibility of something a bit more customized and high-quality at a fraction of the price. All you need is a little DIY spirit.

RTA cabinets are shipped in pieces, ready-to-assemble. You can put them together yourself or hire someone else to put them together for you. You can arrange them in whatever configuration you desire for a custom kitchen feel. They are easy to assemble and are delivered fairly quickly. You can select from different materials from hardwood to HDF.

RTA Cabinet Store wants to help you create a beautiful kitchen without breaking the bank. Start your cabinet journey today!

Should I Get Cabinets with Glass Doors?

One common question we are asked here at RTA Cabinet Store is if cabinets with glass doors are a good idea. They are an excellent idea for many reasons. Here are a few things to consider before you move ahead with your plan to use kitchen cabinets with glass doors.

Transform A Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, then cabinets with glass doors are a great idea. The reason behind this is that our brains perceive the amount of space in a kitchen based on what we can visually see. Imagine a small room that is filled up 1/3 with cardboard boxes. Suddenly, the room seems much smaller.

On the other hand, if those boxes were replaced with transparent plastic boxes, you would perceive the actual space in the room. It’s the same way with kitchen cabinets. Having glass door inserts lets you have the perception that the space inside the cabinet is available as well, increasing the illusion of the size of the room, while in reality, the space available is exactly the same.

Blend Form and Function

Cabinets with glass doors invite you to display your prettiest china. Glass doored cabinets are not the way to go if you need your cabinets to be functional. If you have oodles of space in your kitchen and can afford to give some of your cabinet space to decorative purposes, then go for it.

Good kitchen design takes both form and function into account. Generally, you’ll have a few cabinets with glass doors then the rest of the kitchen in regular cabinets. You’ll get the best of both worlds: some design features that make your kitchen nice to look at, and plenty of functional storage.

Consider Placement Carefully

Glass front cabinets are pretty sturdy, but that said, glass is breakable. Luckily, the glass is easy to replace. You may want to consider placing cabinets with glass doors in areas with less action to decrease risk of breakage.

Keep them on the upper half of the kitchen and stay away from key workspaces. Glass above cooking areas end up needing lots of cleaning so you may want to steer clear of that too.

Just keep it in mind, that buying kitchen cabinets isn’t something you do every day, so make sure you have the insider knowledge you need to get the best cabinets at the best price. The Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets tells you what you need to know—click the link to download your copy now!