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Step-by-step RTA Kitchen Design

  1. Provide Your Measurements

    Its super easy to get started! Submit your kitchen measurements through this form or by emailing

    Weston Sand Shaker Kitchen
  2. Weston Sand Shaker Kitchen

    Get Matched With A Designer

    Typically takes 1-2 business days to receive designer

    After you submit your dimensions you will be matched with a designer. The designer will walk you through the design process and further specifications needed before getting started. Some will ask for a design consultation. You will be provided with a design and quote right away.

  3. Get Your First Design

    Takes 2 business days on average for first design

    Our designers will send you an 3D design of your kitchen. You'll see both the overhead & perspective view of the kitchen, you will also receive an estimated price.

    Weston Sand Shaker Kitchen
  4. Weston Sand Shaker Kitchen

    Work With Your Designer to Make Changes

    Takes 1-3 Business days on average for revision requests

    After you submit your dimensions you will be matched with a designer. Each designer has her own process. Some will provide you with a design & quote right away, others will ask for further specifications before getting started.

  5. Purchase With Confidence

    Once you land on a design you love within your budget, you can purchase the final itemized quote on our website or over the phone with your designer. Shipping time will vary based on cabinet line, see listings for estimates.

    Weston Sand Shaker Kitchen
  • Customized Design

    Our designers will work with your budget, floor plan and lifestyle to build you the perfect kitchen.

  • No Obligation to Buy

    Our design service is totally free and we will never push you to make a purchase.

  • On Call Consultation

    Our design reps usually work Mon-Fri 8-5. If you have any questions during our operating hours you can call us at any time.

Free Kitchen Design FAQs

What information do I need to work with a designer?

To assist our designers in helping you layout your kitchen, it is helpful for them to reference an architectural plan, CAD model, previous design plans or quotes. If you do not have this information, simply filling out our design form is often enough to help our designer get started.

How do I communicate with my designer?

Your designer will be available by either phone or email.

How far in advance before my project should I work with a designer?

It is recommended that you begin working with a designer between two weeks and two months before your project is scheduled to begin. This will give your designer enough time to provide you a layout as well as account for lead time in shipping your cabinets.

Is there a kitchen measuring service?

We currently do not offer a kitchen measuring service. Please use our design form for assistance in measuring your kitchen.

How can I speed up the design process?

You can speed up the design process by reviewing the cabinet lines we offer and having a sense of which lines interest you. Ordering a sample door in advance can assist with this selection. Also, it is helpful to provide your designer with either a architectural plan, CAD model, previous design plans or quotes ahead of the design process.

I submitted my information but have not heard back?

It typically takes 1 - 2 business days to get your project assigned to a designer. This can sometimes take an extra day during our busy sale periods. If you have waited longer than 3 business days, please feel free to contact us directly.

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Free Kitchen Design

    Get your kitchen designed by a professional online. No obligation!

  • Have Questions Still?

    Still have questions about RTA and our process or need clarification on required measurements. Give us a call!

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