3 Important Reasons to Order Cabinet Samples Before Buying

When given the option, who wouldn’t want to try before you buy? If you’ve ever taken on a remodeling project, you know how hard it is to make decisions without physically seeing the materials and colors in person.

Will the new updates actually look cohesive with your existing furnishings? Might your new choices appear at odds with the rest of home’s interior style?

These unknowns are exactly why receiving samples is the smartest way to go about any renovation, as it gives you the opportunity to witness how things will truly look in your finished space and make adjustments so that everything works in harmony.

With cabinetry in particular, requesting cabinet color samples – which at RTA Cabinet Store include a sample of the full door and are fully refundable – is the most cost-effective way to choose the right shade for your kitchen or bathroom.

With a sample on hand, you won’t have to worry about how the cabinet will coordinate with the rest of the space, and you’ll be able to make your final decision with confidence.

Here are 3 important reasons why you should order cabinet color samples prior to making a purchase.

They are useful in creating a mood board 

Since cabinets are one of the dominant features in a kitchen or bathroom, designers will often form entire design blueprints around the style and color of the cabinetry. Having cabinet color samples at your disposal can therefore be extremely helpful during the planning phases of your renovation, as you can use them to create a mood board or flat lay.

With the new color of your cabinets nailed down, you can focus on adding other items to your mood board like lighting, new appliances, flooring, or seating. You’ll feel better planning the rest of the design knowing that the foundational items in the new space are checked off your list.

White cabinet sample with green tile samples for a kitchen remodel.

Pictures online are rarely adequate or accurate

With 360-degree renderings and even 3-D imaging, many manufacturers attempt to provide the best visuals when selling cabinetry online, but pictures on the web are rarely, if ever, true to life.

It’s not uncommon to find an item online that appears to be the perfect color but ends up looking a shade (or two) darker than expected when it arrives on your doorstep. This is due mostly to the differences in monitors and monitor resolution.

To save yourself the disappointment and hassle of returning your purchase, requesting cabinet color samples ahead of time is a much wiser way to work. You’ll get to experience the cabinet color firsthand instead of trusting pictures online and merely hoping for the best. Plus, you can test out how the cabinet color looks at different times of the day and in different lighting, which you certainly cannot do by viewing visual renderings online.

They ensure harmony with your hardware and other finishes 

Another reason to order cabinet color samples is to make sure that the product pairs well with the rest of the details in the space, including any hardware or finishes. For example, if you have concrete countertops, you’ll want to choose a moody and mod color that aligns with an industrial style, like these black Sable Shaker kitchen cabinets.

Also, because hardware choices can drastically affect the look of your cabinets, cabinet samples can be incredibly helpful when picking out pulls, knobs, and handles. Having the samples on hand as you shop around will help you ensure that all of the composite parts of your renovation will harmonize together in the end.

If you’ve received your cabinet samples and still aren’t sure which to choose, here are our top tips for highly-adaptable cabinets that will fit with any style.

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