Get the Look: Easiest Cabinets to Style

Want to change the look of your kitchen without undergoing a months-long remodel? One of the best places to start is to revamp your cabinets.

Oftentimes, cabinets may seem like a secondary focus compared to elements that are more fun to focus on like the kitchen’s flooring, wall color, or countertops. But the reality is, your cabinets truly set the tone for your entire kitchen, as they are foundationally front-and-center.

If your kitchen is specially designed to reflect a specific style – like Mid-century Modern or Rustic Farmhouse – you may hesitate to totally re-do the cabinetry in case they might not match. Luckily, there are several fantastic cabinet choices that adapt well to different interior design styles in addition to being easy to clean and maintain.

Here are our top best-selling picks for highly adaptable cabinets that will give any kitchen a much-needed refresh and fit with any style.

Weston White Shaker cabinets in a large, open kitchen.
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Weston White Shaker Cabinets

You can’t go wrong with keeping things classic and simple with these Weston White Shaker Cabinets. All-white kitchens have become a staple of top kitchen trends lists in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: from the cabinetry to the backsplash, white finishes and materials have the power to make a space seem instantly elegant.

Revamping your existing cabinetry by adding a shaker style door will transform any bland kitchen to one that’s bright, crisp, and modern. Since shaker cabinets have minimal detail, they will work well with virtually any design style and can be jazzed up with creative hardware choices – like matte black knobs or champagne bronze pulls.

Close up of an open format kitchen island with Florence Grey Shaker cabients.
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Florence Grey Shaker Cabinets

If you aren’t sold on an all-white kitchen and want your cabinetry to have a subtle bit of color, these stunning Florence Grey Shaker Cabinets are a perfect option. While grey may seem like a color reserved for modern spaces, it can actually fit with a variety of design styles such as coastal, vintage, and even traditional.

Paired with wooden elements (like butcher block countertops or wooden breakfast bar stools), grey shaker cabinets can work well in creating a calming, serene backdrop for the rest of the room. Grey cabinets tend to build anticipation for other elements in the room, allowing features like stainless steel appliances or metal lighting fixtures the chance to truly stand out.

You can even opt to revamp only a selection of your cabinets in soft grey – such as the uppers or even the island cabinets – and leave the remaining cabinets white or black to create a cool contrast.

Weston Espresso Shaker Cabinets

Sticking with the shaker style, a final best-selling option for sleek kitchen cabinetry is these Weston Espresso Shaker Cabinets in rich espresso. Revamping your cabinets with this rich design choice will make your kitchen seem much more refined and luxurious.

Made from solid wood, these cabinets can stand alone or be paired with other shaker colors to create a dynamic look. With the major surge in earth-inspired, natural elements, espresso-colored shaker cabinets are an ideal complement to a natural kitchen design.

Second only to white in terms of popularity, this beautiful and deep brown color is a traditional choice that never goes out of style and will bring an added warmth to the space.

Who said you have to stick with only one cabinet color choice? If you’re looking to make the heart of your home extra trendy, here are several ways to combine two-tone kitchen cabinets for a fun and colorful look.

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