Must-Have Interior Design Color Trends of 2024

2024 is a year filled with color, comfort, and individuality. Gone are the days of minimalistic gray and too-clean white. Cozy and color define the palettes of 2024.

The year 2024 took the trend toward warmth and an ever-increasing confidence and boldness and filled the palette with color. Everything from neutrals to accents is all about doing something different with old favorites.

Here are your must-have interior design color trends for 2024 that will keep giving year after year.

Choosing Green Over Gray

The era of gray has passed, and this year, two influential figures in the realm of paint colors have redirected their attention to green-gray neutrals. Graham & Brown has chosen “Viridis” as their color of the year, which blends light sage and olive hues to create a charming and warm yet neutral shade.

Dutch Boy Paints has also explored green with “Ironside,” a rich olive green imbued with subtle hints of warm gray. This selection is ideal for individuals seeking to embrace darker and more adventurous neutral shades without delving into the depths of black.

Rosy Outlook

In the last couple of years, terracotta and its rose-hued counterparts have been in vogue, and 2024 is continuing this trend. Nevertheless, this year, terracotta shades are getting a new perspective. Sherwin-Williams has designated “Persimmon” as its color of the year, a subtly peachy beige that serves as a perfect neutral. It goes beyond the conventional spectrum of whites, creams, and browns to breathe vitality and personality into any environment.

Singing the Blues

Three giants in the industry have collectively announced blue shades as their colors of the year. C2 Paint introduces “Thermal,” a light, breezy blue that evokes the sky and is intended for primary use rather than mere accents. In addition to this, C2 has also added a beige-yellow shade called “Brulee” and a lush green hue named “Marshland” to its color palette for the year.

Valspar has chosen “Renew Blue,” a robin-egg blue that radiates both calm and vibrancy. Although it’s the coolest shade in their selection, it doesn’t convey a sense of chilliness; instead, it creates a revitalizing ambiance.

Minwax has designated “Bay Blue” as its color of the year, a vivid and daring blue-green shade that shines when used as an accent. Engineered to function much like a wood stain, it accentuates the wood’s natural grain while introducing a unique burst of color.

Dignified Yellows

Glidden has welcomed “Limitless,” an exceptional beige-yellow hue that defies easy categorization. It doesn’t squarely fit into the realms of cream, yellow, or beige, but instead, it harmoniously fuses elements of all three. Celebrated as a versatile and contemporary neutral, it eclipses other neutrals, particularly gray, taking the forefront.

Rich yellow tiled backsplash in a white kitchen.
Florence White Shaker Cabinets

Warm Black

In 2024, even the color black has made a prominent comeback. Behr paint company has adopted “Cracked Pepper,” a mellowed, inviting black that encapsulates this fresh sense of enthusiasm.

Black is no longer confined to the background but is regarded as a lively shade with the power to rejuvenate a space, much like blue, green, or beige, albeit in its own distinctive and captivating manner.

There have never been so many standout colors to choose from as there are this year. The interior design color trends of 2024 will make your design warm, energizing, and a place you want to spend all your time. See what a little change up in your color palette can do for your space.

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