Must-Have Interior Design Color Trends of 2023

2023 is a year filled with color, comfort, and individuality. Gone are the days of minimalistic gray and too-clean white. Cozy and color define the palettes of 2023.

The vibrant designs of 2023 have embraced more colors in warmer hues and use those colors as an extension of personal expression. Beige and a blush are making a reappearance. Rich jewel tones make dramatic showings. Blue-greens unabashedly pop in.

Here are your must-have interior design color trends for 2023 that will keep giving year after year.

White kitchen with off white, metallic, and wood accents.
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Tinted Whites

In a time when a clean, bright white can start to look a little flat and unwelcoming, warmer whites are a welcome change to the 2023 interior design color trend lineup. One of the favorites of designers is tinted white. These colors have enough white that they remain neutral, but enough color to completely change the feel of your space.

Barely-there pink tinted whites, yellow tinted whites, green tinted whites (the list goes on) are making a big splash in design this year. Even more neutral, beige or gray tinted whites are a good choice as well.

Earth Tones

The timeless earthiness of terracotta, mustard yellow, sage green, plum, or even navy not only make an appearance in 2023 but they are big players. You’ll see them spread across big walls or as cabinets in abundance. Warm and bound to nature, earthtones bring with them a sense of groundedness and comfort that defines designs in 2023.

Look for rich, earthy browns to make more of an appearance, especially used monochromatically all over a design from wall color to furnishings and rugs to drapery. Any and all brown-influenced colors are in too. Paint giants Dunn-Edwards and Sherwin Williams both chose brown-y earth tones for their colors of the year: Terra Rosa and Redend respectively.


Verdigris, celeste, peacock, Tiffany Blue, whatever you call it and whatever the variation, the mixing of blue and green is a top color trend in 2023. Green and blue have long been favorites in interior design. In 2023, that’s no different.

Glidden Paint by PPG chose just such a color as its pick for 2023. “Vining Ivy” has the richness of a jewel tone, but a vibrancy and energy that define the very mood of 2023.

Rich yellow tiled backsplash in a white kitchen.
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Dignified Yellows

Not surprisingly, yellow made a comeback in last year and that’s continuing into this year. It is the ultimate in comfort and brings sunshine into a room even on a gloomy day. The yellow tinted whites make great neutrals and brighter hues are perfect for making a statement.

Most importantly, the yellows of choice in 2023 are vintage, golden colors that suit the cozier, rustic vibe so popular in interior design in 2023.

Vibrant Reds

Red continues to be hot into 2023. Everything from wine-red to coral is in. Color giant, Pantone named Viva Magenta as this year’s “it” color and paint companies like Benjamin Moore also embraced an dorangy-red with Raspberry Blush as their color of the year.

As will all color use in 2023, use red liberally and confidently. It pairs well with fresh whites or other pure-hued colors. Many jewel tones complement it also. Warm whites and golden yellows work great with these energetic blushed colors in accents or patterns.

There have never been so many standout colors to choose from as there are this year. The interior design color trends of 2023 will make your design warm, energizing, and a place you want to spend all your time. See what a little change up in your color palette can do for your space.

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