4 Ways to Do Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

As minimalism continues its reign in kitchen design, a new trend has emerged: handleless kitchen cabinets. The look was wildly popular in the 1960s and 1970s and it’s edging its way back.

While that uninterrupted look is stunning, it may leave you questioning its functionality. How do you open doors and drawers without any knobs or pulls? Here are four ways to get the handleless look without sacrificing kitchen functionality.

1. J-Pull Cabinets

The j-pull cabinet is a flat panel style cabinet with the handle built in to the door or drawer. At the top (or bottom depending on whether the cabinet is upper or lower) of the door or drawer, a vertical j-shaped groove is cut into the face. It makes a perfect handle that ensures easy access.

From the front, the j-pull isn’t visible. All that you can see is a vertical gap between cabinets and drawers. It’s functionality hiding out as a beautiful modern styled cabinet.
Check out these RTA flat front cabinets in white lacquer with j-pulls.

2. Rails

Cabinets with rails are essentially the opposite of j-pulls. The have a built-in groove that acts as the handle, just like the j-pull, but the groove is behind the door or drawer. The groove leaves space for fingers to reach behind and open the door easily.

A cabinet with a rail looks nearly seamless and has less space between cabinets than the j-pull style. The look is one of a true handleless cabinet with hidden functionality.

3. Finger Pulls & Lip Pulls

If you’re not a fan of the built-in handles and you can stand a bit of barely-there hardware, go for finger pulls aka, lip pulls. Finger pulls are cabinet handles that install on the backside of the cabinet door or drawer, come over the top of the door, and end with a little lip that creates grip to open the door.

The minimal hardware is barely visible from the front. You get the look of a handleless kitchen cabinet but don’t have to worry about the functionality.

Finger pulls/lip pulls can be installed on any cabinet but are especially gorgeous on flat panel cabinets. Check out this walnut version for a warm yet minimal kitchen design.

4. Push-to-Open

Push-to-open cabinet doors and drawers are the only true handleless kitchen cabinet. They work with a combination of a magnet and a spring that is engaged and disengaged with a simple push. They can be installed directly in the cabinet housing or on the inside of the cabinet, either way, the mechanism is completely hidden behind the closed door.

You can install push to open functionality on any cabinet door and they come in several different types to accommodate different hinges (including soft close) and different lengths of piston (the part that pops out and opens the door).

With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect blend of modern-minimal magic and functional bliss in your kitchen design. Take a look at cabinets that will help you achieve the handleless cabinet look.

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