Cabinets or Counters? Where to Spend the Extra Cash for the Best Look

Kitchens are made up of three basic things: appliances, cabinets and countertops. Appliances are their own animals, but countertops and cabinets tend to go together. Combined, they make the overall look of the kitchen, but separately, they can be powerhouses in and of themselves. When creating your dream kitchen, you may ask, “Should I splurge on my countertops or on white cabinets?” It’s not an easy question to answer and it all depends on you and how you plan on using the kitchen.

The Kitchen’s Purpose

People use their kitchens in different ways. A single person may only use a white kitchen occasionally, but a family of five might use it for nearly every meal. Do you do a lot of entertaining or do you keep more to yourself? Families with children need storage and lots of it. Plates, glasses, small appliances, Johnny’s Power Ranger cup, Danielle’s Frozen cup and more all have to fit in the kitchen, so that means cabinets. If the kitchen is more of a utility space than a special room in the house, then splurging on cabinets might be a good idea. Cabinets don’t go through a lot of wear and tear short of opening and closing the doors, but the countertop gets hit pretty hard. If the kitchen is more for show than actual use, then splurging on nice countertops can really make a kitchen stand out.

What’s Your Focus?

You have to ask yourself “what do I want people to notice about my kitchen?” If you have a small number of cabinets, then stone countertops can draw the focus away from the lack of cabinetry. If you have a ton of storage space, then most of your kitchen is going to be cabinets, and it’s likely what everyone will focus on. Make sure you get the best cabinets available that look great. This is a case where splurging on the cabinets makes more sense. Your countertops tend to stand out more naturally anyway because of the various designs and materials from which they are made. A stone countertop is a design dynamo. If you’re neutral on cabinets and countertops and can’t decide where to focus, then countertops should win out.

Take a Chance

The kitchen is something that isn’t going to change anytime soon, so the decisions you make now during the remodel will impact you for years to come. Don’t take this decision lightly. Deciding on the right countertops and cabinets and whether to spend more on one or the other depends on many factors, but most importantly, it will come down to your personal taste. You have to be satisfied with the end result. You don’t want to regret picking the stone countertop instead of the custom cabinet and vice versa. This decision isn’t something you make in a day while sitting at the computer. It’s something you should ponder and keep going back to for a while. Odds are good you’ll never be 100 percent certain one way or the other, but you can make a decision that will make you happy. can help you make that decision. Explore our website and you’ll find a variety of countertops and cabinets from which to choose.

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