DIY Kitchen Remodel: The Galley Kitchen

Kitchens come in every shape and size, but some designs are better than others. If you have small kitchen and want to maximize the space and functionality, then a galley kitchen might be right for you. When you think of a galley kitchen, you probably think of a ship, and you are on the rightContinue reading “DIY Kitchen Remodel: The Galley Kitchen”

Kitchen Remodel Help: Glass Front or Open Cabinets

A kitchen remodel isn’t easy because there are so many decisions you have to make from the type and style of your new stove to the color and material of the kitchen cabinets. We all need kitchen remodel help every now and then, so we’ve put together this guide on choosing between glass front orContinue reading “Kitchen Remodel Help: Glass Front or Open Cabinets”

What Do You Do When You Hate Your DIY Kitchen Cabinets?

The idea of DIY kitchen cabinets seems great on paper, but the execution can be a complete disaster. By DIY, we’re not talking about RTA, but start-from-scratch kitchen cabinets where you’re cutting and assembling the boxes yourself. It’s a bold move, and many people underestimate the difficulty. When you’re cutting the cabinet boxes and makingContinue reading “What Do You Do When You Hate Your DIY Kitchen Cabinets?”

Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips and Tricks

Everything in life needs care and maintenance, from your car to your carpets to your RTA kitchen cabinets. The truth is, despite operating in pretty much the harshest environment in your home, kitchen cabinet care is pretty easy. Here’s what to do to keep them in tip-top shape! Periodic Cleaning No matter how neat andContinue reading “Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips and Tricks”