What Do You Do When You Hate Your DIY Kitchen Cabinets?

The idea of DIY kitchen cabinets seems great on paper, but the execution can be a complete disaster. By DIY, we’re not talking about RTA, but start-from-scratch kitchen cabinets where you’re cutting and assembling the boxes yourself. It’s a bold move, and many people underestimate the difficulty.

When you’re cutting the cabinet boxes and making measurements, one small error can throw off the entire structure. What happens when you spend all that time creating your cabinets, but hate the end result?

The Bold and the Proud

First of all, you should give yourself a pat on the back for even trying. You knew when you got into it that making timeless kitchen cabinets from scratch was going to be difficult. There aren’t many people that try it. Most go the preassembled route or simply hire someone to put the cabinets together for them, but not you.

You went the route of the true artisan. Raw wood and a dream of what your cabinets could be. Many would have given up, but not you. The end result may not have ended up how you like, but you should be applauded for the effort. You’re a true pioneer and we salute you.

Get That DIY Feeling with RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Either you decided to build your own cabinets out of a love of woodworking or to save money. The great thing about RTA cabinets is you can still have low costs and get your DIY fix as well.

With RTA cabinets, everything comes unassembled, but all the components are there. You still have to build everything and install them, but you don’t have to worry about box measurements. Everything is uniform and already done for you. You just have to build it.

You’re also saving money because you don’t have to pay for them to be assembled in the factory. You get the feeling of DIY without the worry about improper measurements.

Use the Lumber for Other DIY Kitchen Ideas

You’ve got all that excess lumber now since you dismantled your DIY cabinets and replaced them with the RTA ones. What are you to do with it? Why not repurpose it for other kitchen projects? You can create a hanging pot holder so save room in your cabinets. You can build kitchen shelves for your décor or for spices and other kitchen necessities. There are many ideas for useful things that you can do with all that lumber you used for the failed kitchen cabinets—don’t just throw it away or let it sit in your garage. Get back on that DIY horse and build.

If you’re interested in seeing how our cabinets would look in your kitchen, try our kitchen design tool. It helps visualize the cabinets, so you have an idea of what they look like.

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