DIY Kitchen Remodel: The Galley Kitchen

Kitchens come in every shape and size, but some designs are better than others. If you have small kitchen and want to maximize the space and functionality, then a galley kitchen might be right for you. When you think of a galley kitchen, you probably think of a ship, and you are on the right track. If you’re thinking about a DIY kitchen remodel and have a small space for your kitchen, then a galley design might be right for you.

What Is a Galley Kitchen?

Earlier, we said that a galley kitchen is reminiscent of a ship because a ship’s galley is much narrower than a traditional kitchen. It’s the same with a small kitchen space. A galley kitchen consists of a single wide lane with appliances and cabinets on either side. It helps maximize efficiency and control the flow of traffic through the kitchen. It follows the design idea of the work triangle where the three most used appliances (stove, fridge and sink) form a triangle in the kitchen. Often, the stove is on one side and the sink and refrigerator on the other.

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Design

Unlike most kitchen cabinet designs, a galley kitchen utilizes vertical instead of horizontal cabinets. If you have a galley kitchen, then you’ll probably have a mix of open and traditional shelving. Vertical shelving is most often used because if makes use of the space better than horizonal shelving. The open shelves are used for easily grabbed items.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about a ship teetering back and forth in the waves and can have open shelves. If you run out of shelving room, then you can hang a pot rack on the ceiling. It fits the design space and makes a unique addition to any kitchen.

Organization Is Key

When you have a galley kitchen, organization is an important part of keeping the kitchen functional and efficient. The vertical cabinets often have baskets that hold necessary utensils and cooking tools. Since space is at a premium, get rid of any appliances that you don’t use much. You may love that juicer that you got for Christmas three years ago, but if you haven’t juiced anything, then get rid of it because it’s taking up important space. You can always sell it on eBay.

The goal of a galley kitchen is to have as much functionality as possible while maximizing the space available. It’s important that countertops and cabinets don’t have clutter, or you’re defeating the whole purpose of having this style of kitchen.

If you’re considering vertical kitchen cabinets, then check out our free design tool to see how they might look in your kitchen.

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