Make Holes in Your Countertop!

Creating a Freestanding Kitchen DesignJust as a disclaimer, we don’t advise taking out a drill or a hammer and making holes in your countertop, unless you know what you are doing.  But during the design of your new kitchen, especially one made with RTA kitchen cabinets, you can plan things to have a couple of really useful timesavers in the form of holes in your countertop!

The Trash Cabinet

Most people tend to put their trash cans in a cabinet these days.  It hides the can, the trash, and seriously cuts down on the smell.  If one is smart about it, you can also have odor absorbers in the cabinet so that the area doesn’t become odiferous over time.

Take your trash cabinet to the next level by putting a hole in the countertop above it.  This is especially great if you are using a stone or hard resin countertop.  With this type of convenience, you need not open the cabinet every time to throw something away, but rather brush things right into the conveniently placed hole.

Get a custom rubber seal for it, such as the type that is found at the entrance to your garbage disposal, and presto, good looks, no odors escaping, and an easy way to throw things away, including reducing wear and tear on your cabinet!  Check out an example of a pull out waste container cabinet accessory, here:

The Composter

Do you compost or keep organic waste for animals?  This is a great way to have a small container attached to the underside of your kitchen countertop, where you can just sweep in what you need to.  Combine this with the trash hole in the same cabinet, and you have a one stop waste area!

The Cutting Board Countertop/Drain

This is a little more involved than the other ideas, but so, so worth it.  There is a new trend of cutting an area, either a shallow depression or a hole with supports spanning underneath it, and putting in a heavy custom-made cutting board.  Near a sink, this can be fantastic, as you can have the cutting board area built with a drain for liquid drainage and easy spray cleaning.  The pipe would connect directly into your sink’s drain pipe.  This works great as well with the composter hole solution.  Talk about an efficient kitchen!

Think it sounds great and want to dedicate a cabinet and countertop to these ideas?  Make sure you avoid getting ripped off, making mistakes, and losing money, when you buy your kitchen cabinets and countertops. The information you need is in The Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets; just click the link to download your free copy!

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