3 Ways to Include Kitchen Island Seating

A kitchen is a meeting place for the family.  Meals are prepared, things discussed, and laughter is made.  One great addition to any kitchen is a kitchen island.  They utilize the normally wasted space in the center of a kitchen and have nearly endless possibilities for functionality.  Kitchen seating, though, is normally a problem.  Including kitchen island seating into your plan adds a functional and extremely useful new dimension to your experiences in the kitchen.

Add a Built-in Table

Your kitchen island can easily support a built-in table, either running along one side of the island, or wrapping around the ends too.  This can save a lot of space in your house, especially if you are replacing your kitchen table with it.  It can be made at any height you wish, either staggered, or just extending the top of the island as an overhang and placing some chairs or stools underneath.  It’s wonderful for kids at breakfast time as well!

Add a Desk

The kitchen tends to be the central meeting place of the home, and as our technological world expands, having a handy desk in the kitchen sure doesn’t hurt!  It allows for more countertop space, and you could put a computer on it, giving you access where you need it for recipes, great music, chatting … the list is endless.  It’s also great if it’s a bit taller than the rest of the island, allowing for one or more stools to make an eating place for two.

Go Grand

Having a large kitchen island is a great seating idea, and takes away the need for a kitchen table.  Having a large island gives you the space to keep your plates and utensils in the island itself, and anything else you need right at hand.  Having a great countertop finish like the rest of the kitchen is a great pleasure to eat off of, and gives a unique feeling.  Kitchen seating on two or three sides of the island can be perfect for the medium sized family.  Bonus: If your house also has a dining room, you have just gained a room which can be repurposed.

Kitchen Island Seating Is the Way to Go

Utilizing that wasted space in the middle of the kitchen is a great way to maximize the usefulness of the area, and adding seating to it is something we here at RTA Cabinet Store agree with wholeheartedly.  Many of our clients choose that option, and could not be happier.

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