My White Cabinets Are Worn, What Can I Do?

When you first buy white cabinets, they look great. They’re so shiny and make the entire room brighter. It’s like having a little sunshine in your kitchen that’s just for you. As time wears on, sun exposure, dirt and normal wear and tear turn those white cabinets into a dingy off-white with specks of who knows what thrown in. It could be that spaghetti sauce from a year ago that stained permanently. Who knows? If your white kitchen cabinets aren’t looking great, there are some things you can do to make them look almost brand new.

A Thorough Cleaning

You’ve probably cleaned the countertops a million times over the years, but how often did you clean the cabinets and drawers? It’s best to begin with a good dusting, especially on tops of the cabinets where dust bunnies have grown and propagated. You’d be surprised how much color comes back with just a dusting. Once that’s finished, grab a bucket, pour in soap cleaner and wet a wash cloth in the solution. It should be something either designed for cabinets or dish soap, nothing abrasive as that can scratch the cabinets.  Take a towel or shammy and immediately dry the areas. Don’t let the water sit and dry on its own as it may soak into the wood.

Painting Your Stock Kitchen Cabinets

If cleaning isn’t enough, then you can always paint your kitchen cabinets. When it comes to painting, remember that you don’t have to paint it the same color. White is a wonderful color and it goes with many different décors, but it also gets dirty easy. Why not play around with some color and see what you like. You may end up choosing a gray or even a bold red. If painting isn’t for you, then there are always veneers to create that wood quality. Veneers are easy to put on and give your cabinets a new lease on life.

Buy New Cabinets

You also have to think that it may be time for some new ready to assemble cabinets. Your cabinets are like any other piece of furniture and eventually need to be replaced. If the cabinets or drawers are hard to open or if they’re just getting old, then it might be a wise decision to buy new ones. Fixing the outside of old cabinetry doesn’t do anything for the hinges, drawers and actual wood. Years of wear and tear, sun exposure, water and humidity damage and more can lead to serious problems. A cosmetic fix isn’t going to cut it, and you need to buy new cabinets.

If your cabinets have seen better days, then you need to begin the process of buying new ones. We created this handy information to help you begin your kitchen cabinetry hunt. Get a copy today and get started on your own kitchen upgrade.

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