Should I Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online or in a Store?

The Internet has changed so much about our lives that commercials are saying we “literally” can’t live without it. While we dispute the validity of that statement, we do believe that it has made life much simpler and opened up avenues never dreamed of before.  Selecting kitchen cabinets used to require a trip to a store or looking though catalogs, but now you can find websites that offer more than any store can. Which is better? Buying inexpensive kitchen cabinets online or through a store has its pros and cons either way.

That Personal Touch

One of the biggest reasons people choose a brick and mortar store over online is the ability to get a personal touch. There are real people there that can help out and answer questions while you’re there at the store. Online shops are digital, so you can go there from the comfort of your home without traversing bad weather, crowds and parking lots.

Thanks to modern Internet technology, you can get your questions answered either through FAQ pages, email or even online chat. You can still get that personal touch with online shopping and the convenience of doing it from your home computer or smartphone. Don’t have time to head to the big box store over lunch? Just stay at work and visit white kitchen cabinet websites online.

See It In Person

For many people, there is nothing like seeing the gray kitchen cabinets in person and being able to touch them and envision them in your kitchen. When you visit a store, that’s exactly what you get … kind of. When you see something at a store, it’s likely a stock cabinet. It’s a common and standard color in a common and standard setup. It can be completely different than how your kitchen is.

While we can’t show you the cabinets in person, we can provide a tool that helps you get an idea of what it would look like in your home. In many ways, this is even better because you can get an idea of different colors and setups in your kitchen.

Online Saves You Money

Often when you go to a store, they’re the third party in the ready to assemble kitchen cabinet chain of command. The department store needs its cut, so you end up paying a premium. Online cabinet companies like RTA Cabinet Store ship directly from the factory. You don’t have a third party looking for a profit. Also, if you have any issues with our orders, we’re there to help you. Our customer service is known throughout the industry and we take the happiness of our customers very seriously.

Don’t let fear keep you from getting the kitchen cabinets of your dreams. Check out our free guide and get started today.

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