How to Convince Your Spouse You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

You don’t like your kitchen cabinets anymore. It could be you’re tired of the way they look. It could be they’re dingy and falling apart. It could be they’re really old and it’s just time. The problem is your significant other doesn’t want new cabinets. They’re steadfastly against it because of various reasons, but it comes down to that they’re not going to do it. Let us show you the easiest ways to convince your spouse that it’s time to call it a day with your current cabinets and go with something modern and attractive.

Tire Them Out

They agree that the cabinets aren’t in the greatest shape, but they can be refurbished. Tell them exactly how much paint it’s going to cost to cover the cabinets and how many hours they’ll spend doing it. Painting cabinets isn’t as easy as painting a wall. There are lots of little nooks and crannies they need to get and many places they need to avoid. There’s nothing worse than trying to get paint out of carpet or keep it from getting on the handles and knobs. Once they realize the amount of time, effort and sweat they’ll need to invest in order to get the cabinets in decent shape, buying new RTA cabinets just seems like a no-brainer.

Show Them All the Problems

One of the biggest issues with older inexpensive kitchen cabinets is that things start to break. Hinges come off or get loose. Knobs fall off and drawers refuse to open or close. Doors don’t close and a myriad of cosmetic and non-cosmetic issues make these cabinets requirement replacing. If you want to convince your spouse, then make sure they’re using these broken areas as much as possible. About the 15th time the silverware drawer refuses to open and the third time they accidentally break off the cabinet door because the hinge fell off and the screws are stripped will be about the time they agree that investing in some new cheap kitchen cabinets is the way to go.

Break It Down for Them

If all else fails, then do the research and show them that it’s the best option. Visit stores and websites, price compare and find the perfect ready to assemble cabinets for your home. Document why those cabinets are the best and why you need these accessories. Once you have it all done and your spouse realizes how much time and effort went into it, then they’ll be supportive of the decision. Your passion, the facts and the figures will all point to new kitchen cabinets.

If you need helping in starting the process of shopping for new kitchen cabinets, then check out our free information today. You’ll be on your way to your dream kitchen in no time.

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