Vertical Kitchen Cabinet Storage in Your Tiny House

When Tiny House Nation begins designing their homes, one of the big things they have to think about is storage.  No matter how big (or small!) a home is, you need places to put things and organize them.  Vertical storage is a good idea in just about any home, but plays a pretty crucial part when making sure the shelf space is adequate in a tiny house!

The Vertical Cabinet

One great and easy way to save space is by getting a vertical RTA kitchen cabinet to match your regular top and bottom cabinets.  While you end up with a bit less countertop space, the gains are totally worth the loss!

One of the great features of very tall vertical cabinets is the ability to accessorize them.  Putting in such a cabinet, which will abut your countertop, gives you a great wooden wall right next to your counter, where you can install hanging rods, lighting, mount a microwave to it, etc.  The inside can be virtually anything you like as well.  Many vertical cabinets are very modular, allowing you to put more shelves in them if you like.

One suggestion from us here at RTA Cabinet Store is not to go with the shelves that came with your vertical cabinet, but rather take a look at cabinet accessories, such as Rev-A-Shelf.  This can expand a Tiny House’s kitchen considerably, converting the shelf space inside the cabinet to more than four times what it was previously!  This is a great conversion for a small space, and really helps to organize your kitchen.

Other Accessories

Vertical storage doesn’t just have to be limited to cabinets.  There are a few other helpful storage solutions you can add.  One great one that you can easily put in is a hanging pot rack.  Being able to take all of your pots and pans out of your shelves and hang them on a rack serves a dual purpose.  First, you have a nice-looking conversation piece in your kitchen, and second, you have much more cabinet space than you did before.

Sometimes, though, there isn’t enough space for a hanging pot rack.  You can also add storage rails and magnetic storage to the backsplash of your kitchen.  Getting all of your knives, for example, out of a knife block and on that magnetic rail can give you a few precious inches of space back.  Putting in that magnetic spice rack can allow you to free up a good part of a drawer, and the rails can be a place to hold all your utensils, a bowl for your soap and wash sponge, a paper towel holder, etc.

Be Creative

The best thing that you can do with your tiny house is be creative, just like Tiny House Nation is about their storage solutions.  They love RTA kitchen cabinets for their ease of installation and stability (not to mention the good look!)  Check out our other vertical solutions that you can combine with your cabinets, and good luck with your tiny home!

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