Farm House Feel Achieved with Coastal Ivory RTA Cabinets in Tiny House Kitchen

In Season Three, Episode Fifteen of Tiny House Nation, Sarah and Tabatha had a problem.  They needed a tiny home, something economical, but which would give them the look and feel of a traditional farm house décor.  This was a difficult proposition, as the average farmhouse is a sprawling building due to the large amounts of land available on the average farm.  Tiny House Nation, though, was up to the challenge.  One of the most iconic and important rooms in any home, but especially a farmhouse, is the kitchen.

Coastal Ivory RTA Kitchen Cabinets

When looking for some great looking and super-sturdy cabinets to put in, it was a quick choice for Tiny House Nation to turn to the Coastal Ivory style sold by RTA Cabinet Store.  With the line’s rustic looks and great, solid construction, they were a perfect fit for the tiny home.  One of the better qualities of the cabinets is that while they can match with just about any home, they have that special little something which makes them perfectly suited for the rustic look, and the brushed white finish color, rather than pure white, goes very well with the muted colors incorporated into the house design.

Topping It Off

The countertop that was chosen, a dark stone, along with a simple, deep square kitchen sink and a simple faucet, lent a contemporary feel to the kitchen, while preserving the farmhouse feel.  The cabinets’ face and contrasting countertop also lead to the ability to choose white, beige and clear countertop accessories.  One of the creative ideas in this kitchen was using reclaimed wood open shelving.  It complements these fantastic RTA kitchen cabinets very well and keeps an open look and feel inside the kitchen, and thereby the house altogether.

Corner Kitchen

Many times, the kitchen is in a line in a tiny house, but in this case, Tiny House Nation decided to utilize an L-shape in the kitchen, rolling around the corner near a window.  This was a great idea, as there is good light right in the middle of the kitchen and over the countertop, really bringing out the cabinet’s finish.

The Choice Is Yours

Another great attribute of the Coastal Ivory collection is that it offers a huge choice of cabinets.  Tiny House Nation found it perfect for their purposes, but these cabinets can fit in any kitchen with panache, and work with a wide range of accessories, making it a style worth considering for your next kitchen!

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