Vertical Bathroom Storage in Your Tiny House

Tiny House Nation comes up with some awesome ideas when creating a tiny house, and they have to think about everything.  Just about every room in the house needs some type of storage, and the bathroom is no exception.  One problem lies in the fact that bathrooms are usually small anyhow, but in a tiny home, where every inch of square space is precious, there isn’t a lot of free floor space to waste on storage cabinets.  Enter a vertical storage solution.

Linen Cabinets

Every single brand of RTA bathroom cabinets sold on RTA Cabinet Store and many other reputable sites has a vertical cabinet that can be added to the vanity and medicine cabinet solution.  They are typically called linen cabinets, but do not need to be used for that sole purpose.  A small vanity with a countertop and sink are the norm, with a medicine cabinet and the vertical storage cabinet.  These cabinets are available in several standard sizes, though, typically, a tiny house will utilize one which is taller, to use some of that wasted vertical space.  Most linen cabinets are at least seventy-eight inches tall, so they have a lot of space.  They are almost always flat-topped as well, so a flat-bottomed basket or tray can be added on top for even more storage.

Tank Toppers

Another neat and useful RTA bathroom cabinet that is available for nearly every style is the tank topper.  This is normally a small cabinet, in the same style as the rest, of course, that is meant to be fastened above the toilet, usually with the top of the tank topper being even with the top of the actual mirror (not the frame, but the glass itself).  This can be an extra storage shelf and cabinet, giving an organizational boost to your bathroom storage.

Medicine Cabinet

While medicine cabinets have fallen by the wayside a bit in recent years, there is pretty much no better way to capitalize on your vertical space than by having one.  The combination of a mirror with storage for everything small you typically need in a bathroom is hard to beat when space is at a premium and you don’t have a large countertop and lots of drawers to put things in.

It Looks Good

Just because there isn’t a lot of space doesn’t meant that the bathroom has to look bad, or cramped.  You can use the smallest vanity possible in a tiny house bathroom and make up the storage space and use other vertical space solutions.  The plethora of styles and stability of the cabinets makes RTA bathroom cabinet styles hard to beat!

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