RTA Cabinets for Kitchen Storage

Let’s face it.  The purpose of kitchen cabinets is storage.  While they serve a secondary purpose in looking good, they wouldn’t be there if we didn’t need to put stuff in them!  Many people have specific ideas about their kitchen storage, and don’t realize the wealth of choice available by choosing to use RTA kitchen cabinets, and what can be done with them.

Universal Sizes

RTA kitchen cabinets have really come into their own in the last few decades, and are available in sizes that are similar across the board.  These sizes were chosen from decades-worth of kitchen cabinet designs, and there is a wealth of choice.  Ranging from single-cabinet sizes to double cabinets, some styles offer more than eight different widths and heights.  This is a combination of sixty-four different sizes that you can mix and match for one different style!  In kitchen storage terms, this means you can get exactly the sizes you need, and design your kitchen to utilize the maximum amount of space, reducing or eliminating the need for end or blank boards to cover up dead space where there was not enough room for another cabinet.

RTA Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

One of the great advantages of having a universal size plan, as do all the cabinet sizes at RTA Cabinet Store, is being able to put accessories, that are guaranteed to fit, inside the cabinets with no fuss.  The Rev-A-Shelf brand of cabinet accessories, for example, can quadruple or even quintuple the amount of usable space within an RTA kitchen cabinet, expanding your storage considerably.  If used in all of the cabinets, for various purposes in a traditional ten by ten kitchen, it becomes the storage equivalent of a ten-by-thirty-five kitchen.  The advantages are enormous.

Saving Money While Looking Good

The second thing we mentioned earlier was looking good.  For all the advantages of mixing and matching sizes, RTA kitchen cabinets, especially from a reputable dealer, are of super high quality, making them a great idea for any kitchen.  The ability to maximize your space, look fantastic, have just about every accessory in the book work with your cabinets, and have a wealth of choice make RTA cabinets the go-to source for kitchen storage.

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