RTA Kitchen Cabinets That Match Any Decor

One of the greatest advantages of RTA cabinets, other than pretty much everything, including high quality, reasonable price, stability and great versatility, is the great amount of choice of styles available.  RTA cabinets come in pretty much all standard sizes and shapes, and just about every style you have ever seen in a kitchen (and some you haven’t!).  While many styles are specific and reach out to someone who has a design style they are into, sometimes a cabinet style needs to be more general, to match a unique or potentially changing house décor.  It could be the case that a person likes to change up the look of their kitchen décor periodically, so a more neutral base style which could compliment many different accessories and house styles is in order.

Shaker Cabinets

The Shaker cabinet style is one of the most ubiquitous cabinets out there.  White Shaker cabinets in particular are very common and fit virtually any kitchen space.  Clean lines and squares are common in shaker cabinets, usually with a panel inside the doors and drawers, a rectangle within a rectangle.  The opening hardware on shaker cabinets tends to be simple silver rods attached to the doors, providing elegance and neutrality.  There are basically two major types of door/drawer faces, including the rail and stile, super squared-off look, and the more and more popular slight beveled finish between the outer and inner door frames.  Either are a classic look and will go well.  One thing that is good about the Shaker style is that no matter what color you choose, white, stained or natural wood, or a darker color, the cabinets are one of the easiest styles to reface, giving you the ability to change the look fairly easily and very cost effectively.

Raised Insert Cabinets

Raised insert cabinet doors and drawers are a classic look as well, and fit virtually any environment.  These are by far the second-most popular style of RTA kitchen cabinets.  These cabinets are listed under many different styles, but their main feature is that the insert panel in the doors and drawers is at the same level of the outside frame of the door, rather than deeper, like in a shaker cabinet.  They typically have a beveled edge or double edge design in the area between the outer and inner frame.  This look is especially appealing for those who want to go for a natural or darker wood style.

Determine Your Needs

Your décor and the changeability of it is up to you.  If you need something that will fit into any environment or complement just about any other type of décor, white or natural light wood Shaker cabinets are for you.  If you want something that has a classic look and can fit a range of decors, though not as wide, you may want to think about raised insert.  The different cabinet styles can also be accessorized by pull hardware to change the look.  Good luck on your new kitchen!

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