Tips and Tricks for RTA Cabinet Usage when Building a Tiny Home

The possibilities are endless.  There is such a feeling of creativity and outside-the-box engineering that goes into making every Tiny House, that we couldn’t even begin to list them all, even if we made a book set!  That being said, we are going to share with you some of the best tips that Tiny House Nation and RTA Cabinet Store have come up with to improve the usability and versatility of your tiny home.

Walls and Closets

A wall doesn’t have to be wood and drywall.  By using vertical cabinets, you can create a wall that is useful, not just a divider.  With all the options available, oftentimes this wall is made as a way to put a divider from the kitchen to the rest of the house.  These same cabinets can also be used to create mini closets.  Just don’t put the cabinets abutting each other, and leave a bit of space in between them and presto, you have created a mini closet from negative space.

Accessories Are Useful

Most people never consider that you can customize the inside of a cabinet as well.  One very useful accessory line is the Rev-A-Shelf.  These inserts replace the shelving in your cabinets, but increase the usable space by four or five times.  They have many different types of accessories, including pot and pot lid holders, hidden sink drawers for sponges and soap, intelligent and multiple-layer drawer organizers, the list goes on and on!  And the best part is that by using the easy to assemble RTA cabinets as a theme in your tiny home, you can be assured that the Rev-A-Shelf line will fit, as it fits in most standard-sized cabinets.

Use Your Noodle

The biggest tip that we can give you about installing RTA cabinets in your new tiny home is to use your brain’s amazing power of creativity!  There are many cool things our customers have done—for example, modifying one of our RTA cabinets to use as a combination table and hidden cat space underneath, complete with a secret door!  The sky is the limit, so get those brains pumping and figure out something new and innovative to do with your RTA cabinets and your new tiny house.  Just remember to share them with us!

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