Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet Accessories That Help Maximize Space

When you’re living in a tiny house, space is the most important commodity. It’s called a tiny house for a reason, but there are some necessities you need including kitchen cabinets. Even with space saving cabinets and an amazing layout, people often need more space. There are just so many things to store in the kitchen that sometimes cabinets aren’t enough to handle everything. When you’re facing these issues, use kitchen cabinet accessories to mediate the space issues and make your kitchen look great in the process.


How many large kitchens have hooks hanging from various places to hold pots and pans, utensils, etc.? Hooks are the perfect accessory for a tiny house kitchen as well. While you might not be able to hang them from an island, they can be attached under the cabinets or into a wall and used to hold commonly used utensils, etc. This saves you the time and effort of digging through cabinet drawers to find the spatula because it’s right in front of you. It also makes putting the items away a snap too. A few hooks can save lots of space in cabinets and provide easy access to your favorite utensils and cookware.


When it comes to maximizing space in a tiny house, sometimes you have to get crafty … literally. One of the best ways to add storage space is to use bags. We’re not talking about the flimsy plastic bags from some big box store or even the paper grocery bags. If you want to have maximized space with bags, then you’re going to need heavy duty cloth bags. We mentioned getting crafty because for the bags to work as a space saving accessory, they need to be attached to each other. Sew the bags together so they make a line of bags and then use fabric loops to connect them to the oven door or refrigerator door. Use them to store spices, vegetables or anything else you can think of.

Magnetic Strips

Never underestimate the power of magnets for holding utensils and other metallic objects. If you don’t have children, attaching magnetic strips to the walls or even the refrigerator door can hold pots and pans, cooking utensils, silverware and knives. Anything that’s metallic is fair game for attaching to magnetic strips. Many people use the strips to hold their cooking knives for easy access. You can even grab them by the handle and reduce the risk of being cut by the blade. One of the most common kitchen accidents is reaching into a cabinet drawer and getting cut on a knife you didn’t see.

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