Creatively Space RTA Cabinets in a Tiny Home to Make Mini Closets

Tiny House Nation uses every trick in the book to make a tiny home feel spacious and comfortable.  This is one of the reasons that tiny homes feel so … homey!  Oftentimes, everything in the house has multiple uses, and everything is planned out to the most meticulous detail.  It is very common for the builders to use RTA cabinets in a tiny home, due to the large selection, quality, and ease of installation.  Plus, they look awesome too!

Make Closets from Negative Space

It’s very common for walls in tiny homes to be made from tall, vertical cabinets.  Either shallow and wide, or deep and more narrow, depending on the need, and area of the house.  One great trick is to defy normal conventional installs and to not attach the cabinets to one another.

Having two vertical cabinets with a bit of space in between them instead of just one wider cabinet, or two placed against one another, makes a perfect space to make a small closet.  In the kitchen, this could be used for mops, a sweeper, cleaning supplies, etc.  In other areas, such as clothes storage, it makes a great place to put a small pipe in between the cabinets for hanging clothes.  Depending on your clothing needs, two pipes can even be fitted to maximize your space.

Accessories Are Awesome

As we mentioned, pipes can be fitted for hanging clothes, but this is not even close to the only use for this area.  Properly measured and installed slide-out wire racks can be put in between these cabinets for more usable drawer space, tie racks that pull out, just about anything you can think of.  One episode of Tiny House Nation even used the space they created like that as a pull-out wine rack!  When planning this space, determine what you will use it for, measure it and plan your accessories accordingly.  It will really be of benefit to your tiny house!

We here at RTA Cabinet Store know all the tips and tricks Tiny House Nation uses with our cabinets, and we would be happy to pass them along to you.  Get online and have a chat with one of our cabinet experts.  You won’t be disappointed!

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