Use RTA Cabinets in Your Tiny House to Create a Storage Wall

Tiny House Nation uses every trick in the book to make a tiny home feel spacious and comfortable.  This means that a lot of times, items in the home have double, triple, even quadruple uses.  One way to really maximize the versatility of a tiny house and add some much needed storage is to create a wall, not the traditional way, with framing and drywall, but out of RTA cabinets.

The Wall

One thing that a tiny house needs is sectioned areas.  While it works fine to be a studio, and since most of them are without any interior doors (bathroom not included in this), it is technically a studio.  But that doesn’t mean sections with specific purposes can’t be used.

Making a wall out of RTA cabinets is easy, and RTA Cabinet Store routinely works with Tiny House Nation to figure out the right cabinets for the style of the home.  Vertical cabinets tend to work best in this situation, as they go from floor to ceiling, and can be found in many different widths.  One of the most common places to make this vertical wall when installing RTA cabinets in a tiny house kitchen is getting a double-door vertical cabinet to make a de facto doorway between that area and the rest of the house.  The best part is that the backside can be used to attach shelving, hooks for hanging items, and just about any other thing you can imagine.  So, backside storage, one use; interior storage, second use; wall, third use.  See what we mean?

Move It!

One of the other ways that RTA cabinets can be used is as a separator wall in another area of the house.  While the usual uses of such cabinets are in the kitchen and the bathroom, there is nothing to say that they cannot be used in other places in the tiny home to create different sections.  As some of the cabinets offer very shallow depths, they really do work like a wall with some added storage.  The good part about this is they could be moved to change the space whenever necessary.

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