Tips to Install RTA Cabinets Like a Pro

Installing cabinets is not the overwhelming project that it used to be, especially with ready-to-assemble (RTA) Cabinets.  It can be an easy and fun experience!  Just follow the system like the pros do, and you should have an easy and smooth installation that will look and feel top notch!

Do All the Groundwork

There are a number of things you have to do before you begin installing your cabinets.  The first thing you need to do is make sure all your old cabinets are out, and the area is ready with all previous steps of reconstruction (painting the wall, redoing the floor, etc.) completed.  Make sure your work area is clean and clutter free.  Next, take all your measurements, and double check them.  Make a diagram with those measurements and mark where each cabinet is supposed to go, by number.  Mark that number on the packaging of each RTA cabinet you have purchased.

Next, make sure you find the wall studs.  You can do this with an electronic stud finder, or take a hammer and lightly tap on the wall, each time you tap about one inch apart.  A stud will make a much more solid sound than the two taps to either side of it, which are hollow.  Mark your studs, and use a level to make a line straight up and down on your stud area (make sure not to take the line over the top of where the cabinet will be!)

Begin the Assembly

Next, put together your kitchen cabinets, starting with the top level (hanging on the wall) first.  This DIY part is pretty easy, and most times the instructions are very easy, with everything you need in the RTA cabinet package itself.  At RTA Cabinet Store, we have made it even easier, making the process of assembling the cabinets we sell literally a snap.  They are super stable, and very quick to assemble!  Once you have your top cabinets assembled, start by installing the upper corner wall cabinet.  Pre-drill holes in the wall stud and the corresponding spot on the cabinet.  Use a wooden T-brace to help you hold the cabinet up, and go ahead and screw it on to the wall

Continue the Process

Once you have the first cabinet in, march right down the line.  Check each cabinet to make sure it is level before moving on to the next one, and make sure they are tight to the wall.  Pro tip: if your wall is just a little bit out of square, and your cabinets are not lining up, consider putting a thin strip of wood or cardboard behind the edge of the cabinet that does not line up.  When you tighten the screw down, the edges will match much better.

Have Fun!

An RTA cabinet installation project is a DIY project that is like building blocks for adults.  It can be fun and entertaining, and the sense of satisfaction you get when you see the new kitchen that you installed is pretty much second to none.  Enjoy!

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