Tiny House Wine Lovers Also Love RTA Cabinets

As the Tiny House Movement builds momentum, it’s becoming more and more clear that tiny houses and RTA cabinets go hand in hand. RTA cabinets offer tons of flexibility in terms of space-saving design options, offering the ability to squeeze astonishing amounts of functionality into a very minimal footprint.

Built-in Wine Tasting Venue

In Season 2, Episode 10 – Wine Tasting House, Tiny House Nation featured unique cabinetry from RTA Cabinet Store, to build wine racks and glass holders into a 400 sq-ft tiny house in Austin, TX.

Whether you own a tiny house or a full-scale home, the idea of using otherwise wasted space by building in storage specific to your hobbies and interests should be appealing! Many of our cabinetry lines offer built-in wine racks, including some that are easy to build into unexpected areas, such as low shelves, book cases, or otherwise wasted space.

Check out our design idea and assembly guide for a custom wine bar with stemware and wine bottle rack for inspiration. Then check out our Wine Logic video on YouTube for even more great ideas!


One reason our cabinets were selected is for their durability. Featuring advanced cam-lock and dovetail design elements, with full hardwood fronts and doors, and warp-resistant plywood sides and frames, RTA Cabinet Store’s cabinets are durable enough to hold up even on the road, in the case of a tiny house on wheels.


Did you know that most kitchens have a lot more storage space than their owners might believe? It’s true! The problem is a lot of space in a typical kitchen’s cabinets is essentially inaccessible. Even for the most energetic cook, crawling into a base cabinet to try to extract a big soup pot from a far corner nowhere near a door is a pain. For people aging in place it’s nearly impossible.

In a full-sized house, this usually just means making the kitchen bigger to compensate, but in a tiny house, you don’t have that option. Check out our Rev-A-Shelf accessories to make the most of every inch of space in your design footprint. For example, our pull-out cabinet organizers convert one full-height cabinet into basically a vertical drawer, letting you fill a narrow gap in your design with useful space. Then use roll-out trays and door storage organizers to make every bit of storage your tiny house kitchen has both accessible and productive.

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