Alpine Raised-Panel Kitchen Cabinet Options for a Tiny House

It’s easy to choose and build a kitchen when you are putting it in a normal-sized room.  Some people even complain that they don’t have enough room in their kitchen for everything that they want.  But what if their entire home is the size of a normal kitchen?  Tiny House Nation builds tiny homes, but jam packed with awesome features and things such as intelligent kitchens.  They used RTA kitchen cabinets from RTA Cabinet Store in a number of their episodes, making their intelligent kitchen not only useful, but outstanding looking.

Alpine Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets

When Tiny House Nation looks for items to create their homes, they look for a combination of durability, quality, usability and price, which is exactly one reason that for season 3, episode 5, “Surf Shack Chic,” they chose our RTA kitchen cabinets for the job.  The Alpine Raised Panel cabinets are the only white raised panel cabinets offered on RTA Cabinet Store, and they are outstanding.  They are a very classic design, and give any kitchen a timeless look.  They helped turn that tiny home into a huge success.  The white gives a feeling of space as well, adding to their effectiveness in a small area.  Also, the price for them is very competitive.

Built to Last

A few things that were mentioned in the episode are worthy of mentioning again.  When having a tiny home, even small problems seem magnified, which is why everything needs to be perfect, and stay that way.  The Alpine Raised Panel kitchen cabinets have a lot of great features, but a couple that really impressed the Tiny House Nation crew were the cabinet’s solid hardwood face frames and solid core MDF doors.  These two features provide great stability, long life, and reduce significantly the chances of doors shrinking and cracking.  The Alpine is also 100% particle-board-free, which appeals to many.

Not Just for Tiny

The Alpine Raised Panel RTA cabinets, while great for a tiny home, are also ideal for a regular or large sized home.  Their classic look and crazy high durability and stability make them pretty much a perfect choice for anyone who is considering a white kitchen.  They also work well with cabinet accessories such as the Rev-A-Shelf series, which can quadruple the usable space inside a cabinet.  Don’t just take our word for it, check out the episode and link to the cabinet page from HERE.

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