Creative with RTA Storage in Your Tiny House

As anyone who follows the Tiny House Movement knows, there are tons of creative ways to utilize otherwise wasted space. By adding RTA storage options, you can not only make better use of wasted space, you can also make a space feel larger by removing clutter and improving organization.

Make Better Use of Tight Spaces with Alternative Hinges

One problem with using wasted space is when a space you might otherwise be able to use is also a walkway. A cabinet with some unique storage accessories can hold a lot in a very organized fashion, but if it completely blocks a major thoroughfare when the doors are open or the drawers out, you might hesitate to install anything there.

Two types of alternative hinges can make that a total non-issue, by getting cabinet doors out of the way when they’re open, and allowing you to make the most of every nook and cranny, even in areas traditionally off-limits to cabinetry.

Up-Swing Hinges

For shoulder-level or head-level storage, an open traditional cabinet door can be more than just an inconvenient obstacle, it can be a hazard to anyone whose eye-level is just below the bottom of the door.

Instead of traditional hinges, for upper cabinets, consider up-swing hinges. They allow a much less cluttered feel, while still opening up new areas for storage. Specially designed up-swing hinges hold the door securely in its fully-open position without worry that it might fall and cause an accident. This means the door is up near the ceiling, fully out of the way of both movement through a space, and any unsuspecting foreheads.

Lateral Hinges

For lower storage solutions, swinging doors upward isn’t an option, so how do you open a floor-level cabinet without blocking a walkway and adding clutter? Lateral hinges are the solution, and the best way to show you how they work is to, well… show you!

Instead of opening outward, with lateral hinges, doors pull out a few inches, then slide away to the sides, allowing full access to the cabinet’s storage space, while also leaving walkways open and the room feeling spacious.

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