Getting More Storage From a Kitchen Makeover

If you’ve had the same kitchen for years and it just doesn’t cut it anymore, then consider a kitchen makeover. It not only gives you the opportunity to create a completely new kitchen, but you can increase your storage space with a new cabinet design. Your kitchen is a blank slate, so take advantage and create something completely new and full of storage.

Take Advantage of Existing Space Using Timeless Kitchen Cabinets

For many people, the storage problem isn’t because of cabinets, but a misuse of space. If there is clearance between the cabinets and ceiling, or space between cabinets, then you can extend your cabinets to fill those spaces.

There is nothing more important when ordering than proper measurements. If the original builders decided to cut corners, then your existing cabinets probably don’t fit well. Measure your cabinets several times and expand your storage by buying cabinets that fit your space.

Use Kitchen Accessories to Maximize Space

Sometimes the problem isn’t the cabinets, but organization. Does your silverware drawer look like a tornado went through it? Do you have junk drawers so filled to the brim with “stuff” that you can barely open them? When you can’t use your cabinets efficiently, storage space gets lost in a jumble of plates and other kitchen items. Rev A Shelf kitchen accessories can help organize your cabinet space to better fit your needs. Your silverware and junk drawers can be compartmentalized. You can have various styles of cabinet-mounted spice racks to save room inside the shelves, organize your canned goods and so much more. Kitchen accessories can dramatically increase storage space when used effectively.

RTA Cabinet Flexibility Makes Them Perfect for Makeovers

When the problem isn’t space or accessories, then you probably need a new cabinet design. Cabinets have come a long way the last few decades and with so many different varieties to choose from, you can have them anyway you want. If you have a large abundance of plates or other dishware, then you can get custom cabinets to fit those needs. The key to cabinet design is flexibility and choosing a design that works within your budget and your storage needs.

We know how important storage space can be when choosing new cabinets. It’s not always easy to visualize how a cabinet design would look in your kitchen. We can help with our new kitchen design tool that gives you a view of the new cabinets.

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