Top 3 Unique Uses for RTA Cabinets

No one bats an eye at using them for the kitchen, but there are numerous unique uses for RTA cabinets that you probably never thought about. Everyone needs storage space and RTA cabinets are the perfect choice when you don’t have a lot of space, but need to keep items safe and sound. Check out these out-of-the-box uses for cabinets.

Long Lasting Kitchen Cabinets for Commercial Storage

When you own a business, storage space for your inventory is always an issue. New products are constantly coming in and old inventory is always on its way out. Your store probably has a storage room, but trying to keep track of your inventory in one large empty room is maddening. You can choose an RTA cabinet design that not only gives you a way to better organize your inventory, but also increases your storage capacity. The cabinets can be labeled for each item inside, and since they are off the ground, they add to the storage space instead of taking it up. You’ll have more storage space on the ground when you put items in the cabinets.

Practical Kitchen Cabinets in the Garage

If you use your garage as both a carport and a work space, then you’re dealing with many items in a small space. You have tools and other things shoved in every corner and mixed up in tool boxes. It’s impossible to efficiently find what you need when you need it. Install new kitchen cabinets in your garage, and suddenly your storage problems are gone. Place specific items in cabinets and then label those cabinets. It’s imperative to put things back in the right spot when you’re done. You’ll also have plenty of room now that your garage gadgets aren’t laying everywhere.

Tiny Houses Can Still Have a Kitchen Makeover

People love the idea of the tiny house. It’s a small home that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, but still has the comforts of home … just less space for it. Your kitchen is often also your dining room, which is connected to the living room-bedroom. You barely have room for a small oven, but there are kitchen cabinets that work well with tiny houses. Storage space is difficult to have in a tiny house because space is limited. It’s difficult to store plates and glasses when your stove and refrigerator comprise most of your kitchen. You can get the most out of your space by choosing the right kind of kitchen cabinet.

Do you have storage needs that are outside of the kitchen? Don’t worry, there are many uses for kitchen cabinets that have nothing to do with the area itself. If you want to learn all about kitchen cabinet styles and the cabinet buying process, then check out our free guide.

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