Six Styles of Hardwood Kitchen Cabinets for Under $1500

How can you get a 10’ x 10’ kitchen’s worth of genuine hardwood kitchen cabinets for under $1500? Easy! Buy RTA cabinets from RTA Cabinet Store!

Our cabinet frames are all made of furniture-grade plywood. Why plywood instead of solid wood? Because the grain is all going in the same direction in solid wood, it’s actually more susceptible to warping, especially if it ever gets wet, or is subjected to large swings in temperature and humidity. These are all conditions that are common in kitchens. By layering the grain in different directions, plywood solves this problem, staying resistant to warpage and moisture, year after year.

Our Most Affordable Cabinet Lines

Despite being our most affordable cabinet lines, all six of these models include hardwood where it matters most: in door frames and drawer fronts. They include features like interior finish, European-style concealed hinges and drawer slides, or even soft-close door dampers and drawer slides. Several even include all-hardwood doors, and dovetail drawer construction, for premium quality at a budget price.

Click the links below to explore our model lines that give you the most bang for your buck below:

Arlington White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – Full hardwood dovetail drawer construction, including soft-close door dampers and drawer glides.

Arlington Linen Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – Concealed hinges with 6-way adjustable soft-close dampers, dovetail hardwood drawers, plus hardwood face frames.

Premier Oak Kitchen Cabinets – European-style concealed hinges and drawer glides. Doors and drawer fronts have finger pull slots for a smooth, hardware-free look.

Regal Oak Kitchen Cabinets – Our most affordable line. 10’ x 10’ for just a hair over $1000! And yet it still includes solid oak doors!

Richmond Kitchen Cabinets – Classic maple styling, solid hardwood doors and face frames, and no particle board whatsoever.

Espresso Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – Dark-stained look with solid Birch face frames. Butt-style doors on double-door cabinets means easy storage of large platters and utensils, with no central pillar in the way!

Avoid getting ripped off, making mistakes and losing money when you buy your kitchen cabinets. The information you need is in The Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets; just click the link to download your free copy!

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