Complete Kitchen Remodel Choice Order

So, it’s time for that complete kitchen remodel, or you are going to install a brand new kitchen.  You have to choose what will go in there, how it will look, and the color scheme.  But did you know that the order you choose it in makes a world of difference?  We here at RTA Cabinet Store have found, through helping literally thousands of customers with their complete kitchen remodels, the best order for you to choose what items will go into your new kitchen.

What Will Go In?

There is a slightly different list for each kitchen, but all kitchens will have these: kitchen cabinets, flooring, wall coloring, backsplash, kitchen appliances, countertops, lighting, window coverings (curtains/blinds), and sink.  You may also have tables, chairs, and kitchen accessories such as a magnetic knife rail or hanging rails on the backsplash.

So What Is the Order?

Your RTA kitchen cabinets should be first.  Kitchen cabinets are literally the centerpiece of the kitchen, and the base for the style and coloring of the rest of the kitchen. 

Following choosing your cabinets, you should then choose the appliances that will integrate with them, such as your stove, range, refrigerator, etc.  Then comes your countertop, sink, the backsplash and, finally, the flooring.  You may think the flooring would be first, but it comes quite far down the list, and with good reason.  Let’s say you want white tiles in the kitchen.  Well, there are many different styles and shades of white, not all of which look good with the some of the amazing RTA kitchen cabinet styles available.  Better to choose the cabinets first and then the particular type of white tile to match it.

What About the Rest?

After the flooring, then choose your accessories, lighting, window coverings, tables and chairs.  At this point, you can get those in just about any order, since you will not be matching them to each other, but rather the first few things you chose in the kitchen.  We decided to share this information to help you avoid costly mistakes and make the best choices in kitchen cabinets and everything else that goes in there!  The Consumer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets can also help you with what you need to know. Click that link now to get your free copy (plus two bonus reports).

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