Can I Replace Just One Kitchen Cabinet?

Most people think that if something goes wrong with one or two cabinets, or they want something slightly different in their kitchen, it will require replacing the whole set of cabinetry, which is a pretty tall order. Not so! With the advent of RTA cabinets and their ease of installation and use, replacing one cabinet (or even just kitchen cabinet door replacement) is easier than ever before!

RTA Cabinets vs. Regular

Following this section, we are going to assume you already have a kitchen made with RTA cabinets, such as our Traditional White Shaker cabinets, or one of the other amazing looking cabinets available on RTA Cabinet Store

For now, though, we will let you in on a little secret we have learned over the years. It’s very hard to replace cabinets that are custom or come from a big box store. They weren’t made to go together and come apart easily, and oftentimes they have no replacement parts anyhow, so you need to get replacement parts made custom, which can very expensive. RTA cabinets, on the other hand, go together and come apart easily, and extra stock is purposely kept on hand so that replacement parts are available, and they are very economically priced.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors & Beyond

Whatever the accident, disaster, or addition replacing an RTA cabinet is easy as pie.

  • damage to the cabinet door
  • water damage
  • heat/fire damage
  • adding a dishwasher
  • bringing in some customization like a wine rack or dish rack

The vast majority of the time, this replacement will happen on the bottom row of cabinets, so we will tackle that one first. The first thing you will have to do is clear your cabinet out, shelving included. Then, unattach it from the cabinets on either side, and from the countertop (there will usually be two to four screws holding them together). After that, the cabinet will oftentimes slide right out!  Then all you have to do is slide a matching cabinet right in, and screw it back in place, and you are done. If you are going for an end cabinet, this will need an end plate to finish it off.

Replacing a Kitchen Cabinet Is Pretty Easy

Having stable cabinets that are great looking and stylish is what we all want. Being cost effective helps too! They make future updates easy so you can remodel without having to start over.

If you are ready to play with redesigning your kitchen with the cabinets you already have today, then head on over to’s free online design tool! Get started today.

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