The Right Kind of Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets

You’ve spent hours researching and looking at kitchen cabinets, but while looking through different styles and sizes, did you ever consider the type of wood? It may not sound like an important decision, but the type of wood you choose can have a big impact on your style and overall look of the room. Choose the wrong wood, and your room ends being the opposite of what you hoped.

Hard or Soft Wood

Woods used in cabinetry come in two distinct types: hard and soft. Soft woods tend to be lighter and a little less durable. They often come from conifers like pine and evergreens. The benefit of softwood is that it’s easier to bend and mold than harder woods, which means you can be a bit more creative. Hardwoods on the other hand are not malleable, but they make up for it in strength. Hard woods come from large leafy trees like walnut, oak and mahogany. Along with the two different types of wood, each type of tree has its own benefits and issues. When it comes to the hard vs. soft wood debate for wholesale kitchen cabinets, think of it as longevity vs. creativity. Hard wood cabinets last longer, so you’ll get your money’s worth in the long run.

Types of Hard Woods

If you’re looking for something strong, yet economical for discount kitchen cabinets, then oak is a safe choice. It also takes wood stain very well, so it looks good on a budget. If you want a nice classic look, then cherry is a favorite. It brings a sense of sophistication, and its deep color is breathtaking. The biggest issue with cherry is it tends to be a bit pricey. Maple is one of the most common woods for cabinets. It’s sturdy and inexpensive, and has a smooth finish and bright color that is great for country style cabinets.

Types of Soft Woods

Soft woods run the gambit of colors and styles, but pine is one of the those that look great in an antique or vintage style. They come in different shades, but what really makes soft woods different from their hard counterparts is they are ideal for painting. While most hard woods are great for stain, the soft woods absorb the paint much better. It may take a few extra coats, but soft woods are beautiful painted. This makes them versatile as they can be painted to match the color of your kitchen and existing décor.

When it comes to types of wood you can have for your cabinets, you have many choices. Learn as much as you can about the properties of each wood before buying. If you want to learn more about ready to assemble cabinets, then contact us for free kitchen design help.

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