Buying the Right Discount Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

When it comes to choosing the right discount kitchen cabinets, it takes hours of research to pick out the exact style you want at the right price for your budget. Many of the cabinets come with standard hardware, but if you really want to make them unique and special for your home, you can choose the exact types of hardware you want. Don’t settle for what’s put there by the manufacturer. This is a long-term investment and you deserve to have the best for your home and kitchen. You can either go with what is stock or choose something that is special for you and your dream kitchen.

What Is Kitchen Hardware?

You may be asking yourself, “I’d love to pick out my own kitchen hardware, but I don’t know what that is.” You know about the door knobs, pulls and handles. These are common hardware that every cabinet has, but it also includes door hinges, drawer slides, cabinet organizers and cabinet catches and latches. To put it simply, it’s anything additional to the door and actual cabinets. Some of them are a necessity like the door pulls and the latches, but others are based on personal preference, such as the cabinet organizers. What’s great is that you don’t have to choose the knobs, etc. that routinely come with the cabinets. There are endless styles of each type of inexpensive kitchen cabinet hardware you can choose from.

Drawer Extensions

When it comes to drawer slides, you have two basic types to choose from: partial and full extension. If your kitchen is rather cramped and there’s not much room, then you might want to choose a partial extension. The drawer only comes out part way, thus saving you room. The biggest downside to this is there is part of the cabinet not easily accessible. So, if you have a junk drawer that has random items in the back, then it might be difficult to get to them. This is where that optional cabinet organizer comes in. With a full extension, the drawer comes out to the end and everything is visible and easy to get to. You can also get more complex by choosing special slides for drawers that carry heavy items such as silverware. A full extension might not be a good choice for a drawer that heavy with items.

Odds and Ends

When it comes to the odds and ends of kitchen cabinet hardware such as hinges, etc. It becomes a matter of logistics. Hinges come in all different shapes and sizes, but also weights. If you have doors that are heavy, then you’ll want to choose a hinge that is rated for that. If you have cabinets that will be used a lot, such as by multiple people, etc., then you’ll want to make sure to choose hardware that is durable. Everything from the knobs to the latches can be independently chosen, so make sure everything fits your needs.

If you want to learn more about buying kitchen cabinets, then check out our free guide. It’s all you’ll need to start your wholesale kitchen cabinet journey.

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