Kitchen Cabinets in the Garage

One of the most overlooked rooms in the house, in terms of storage at least, is the garage. We tend to cram a lot of our stuff in the garage, never realizing that with the tiniest bit of effort, we can have a great looking garage filled to the brim with efficient storage space.

What’s the best way to maximize storage in your garage? Garage cabinets.

Garage Cabinets

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to garage cabinets. You can go with cabinets built for the garage that come in large sizes and different materials, like metal. Because these are specially built for the garage, they come with a specialty price tag. Consider kitchen cabinets in the garage.

Though kitchen cabinets aren’t necessarily for the garage, as long as they are out of the rain and snow, they make for excellent storage in the garage. The high level of customization inside a kitchen cabinet allows you to store both large and small items easily. Move shelves up, down, add more, or take them out completely to fit whatever items you are storing.

Choose a neutrally colored kitchen cabinet for the garage to hide dust and dirt. White or dark cabinets tend to show the dirt and in the garage, that’s a battle you probably don’t want to fight.

Accessorizing Will Be the Key

You can get the most out of your kitchen cabinets in the garage with a few well-placed accessories. Rev-A-Shelf organizers help organize all of the little bottles of liquids, nuts and bolts, and countless other things besides. 

Install some task lighting under the cabinets to increase the lighting in key workspaces. You could get creative with that wiring and put outlets inside cabinets so your power tools are always at the ready and cords are stashed out of sight.

You might have to think outside the box a little to make kitchen accessories work in the garage. Soon you won’t know how you lived without them.

Countertop in the Garage

Open workspace is invaluable in the garage. Once you’ve got all your stuff stowed away in cabinets, you’ll want to turn your thoughts to countertops. They can be as simple unfinished plywood over the top of your cabinets, or you can get fancy with a concrete countertop.

Concrete is not too expensive, looks great, is easy to clean and hard as heck. You can get them in custom thicknesses, so get yours 1.25 or 1.5 times as thick as you would in the kitchen. That way, you can cut, grind, and do just about everything on your countertop without worrying about it. You can install permanent fixtures on your garage countertop, such as a vice, rotary sander, and anything else you want easily and quickly. 

Finish off your space with some pegboard between the wall and base cabinets. Having a wide pegboard wall (you can get them to match your cabinets or the walls of your garage) to hang and organize all your tools.

Reusing Kitchen Cabinets in the Garage

If you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel, aim to reuse your kitchen cabinets in the garage. It takes a little extra care to remove old cabinets but the result is a full set of cabinets that can move right into the garage!

Another option is to look for used kitchen cabinets on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. It’s not hard to locate used kitchen cabinets for cheap or even free, especially if you are willing to haul them away.

Whether you decide to reuse kitchen cabinets in the garage or go with new garage cabinets, you can’t go wrong transforming your garage into an organized oasis. You may even be able to park the car in the garage when you’re done!

Want help laying out cabinets for your garage? Try our free layout tool.

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