Plan Your Cabinetry Placement for Optimum Usage

Many people do not stop to consider the future of how their kitchen will work on an everyday basis when they are designing it.  Most of the time, they go for only aesthetically pleasing layouts, which is fine, but with a little bit of foresight and kitchen design planning, you can optimize your daily cooking workflow.

Begin with a Diagram

It may sound old school, but making a diagram of your kitchen is an excellent way to begin.  Get out that measuring tape, and start taking measurements.  Include wall to wall, floor to ceiling, where the water and drain pipes are and how far away they are from the corners, all the electrical outlets, etc.

Once you have that done, if you (or a friend) is computer savvy, you can take that kitchen layout and put it into a computer program, or use RTA’s online planning tool and get a visual representation of your bare kitchen.  The water pipes and drainage outlets will tell you where some cabinets, such as the sink, dishwasher, etc., will need to go, unless you are able to add plumbing construction to your project.

Talk to Some Professionals

There are lots of places you can go for advice.  For example, we here at RTA Cabinet Store have a number of trained design experts who have helped to design literally thousands of kitchens.  They enjoy it and each new kitchen is not a problem, but a challenge to be tackled.

When kitchen design planning, you can use their expertise.  They are familiar mostly with RTA kitchen cabinets, and rightfully so, as RTA kitchen cabinets are oftentimes the best solution for any kitchen when considering quality against price (weighted in quality’s favor).  You can also get an idea of the standard cabinet sizes by browsing through one of the more popular styles, such as the Traditional White Shaker cabinet line.

Think About What You Need

Are you an avid cook?  A microwave master?  A pasta professional?  Your kitchen layout might be different.  For example, the avid cook might want to have a cooking island, complete with stove, pan rack above it, cutting area and some large countertop space, all on the island.  The microwave master may want to have a great big large microwave and oven, and not do a heck of a lot of detailed cooking.  The pasta professional might want four burners instead of two, and want the stove against the wall with a great big backsplash to keep that sauce from spattering on the floor.  These are all considerations, and your kitchen layout should reflect your cooking personality.

Flexibility Is Key as Well

Let’s face it, flexibility is good.  Your kitchen will be able to perform all of the basic functions of cooking, no matter what.  RTA kitchen cabinets sit in the unique place of being very functional, stable, and good looking, so they are a no-brainer.  Plus, with the standard sizes, you can use that same computer program we spoke of to move things around and find your perfect layout.

Remember, you can also get an advisor online who can help you with the same things. Get help today with a free kitchen design consultation by one of RTA Cabinet Store’s professionally trained designers.

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