How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinets: Top Tips

It’s time for your new kitchen to take shape. You have the skeleton in place (walls) but if all that emptiness feels a bit overwhelming, take a step back and appreciate this moment. 

There are innumerable choices out there, and it is difficult to know who to trust, what to choose, or what you should even be thinking about in the first few steps! On the other hand, a blank canvas gives you carte blanche to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Read on to find out where to begin and how to continue on your journey to getting an awesome kitchen!

White and yellow kitchen with shaker cabinets and gray wood floor.

Start at the Very Beginning

This is your kitchen. You and your lifestyle are key to finding the best kitchen cabinets for you. Before you even consider colors, materials, styles, etc., you need to consider what will and will not work for you. Everything else will fall in line after you’ve clarified this. Do yourself a favor and ask yourself two simple questions.  

  • Which cabinets resonate with your personal style and complement the kitchen’s overall aesthetic?
  • What amenities are important for you in your kitchen? What are your cooking habits and storage needs?

Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we understand that these questions might not be as simple as they first seem. You might soon find that you wish you had an expert to talk to. With us, you do. We offer FREE professional design consulting. Simply get in touch to talk through the details from start to finish.

Choosing the best kitchen cabinets also involves considering various factors such as quality, style, material, and budget. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the selection process:

The Soucys' new kitchen featuring the RTA Cabinet Store’s Weston Sand Shaker Cabinets in grey.

Quality and Durability

Material: Solid wood, plywood, or MDF are common choices. Solid wood offers durability, but plywood and MDF are cost-effective and resistant to warping.

Everything in our lineup at RTA Cabinet Store is solid, wood, plywood, MDF or a combination of these. We pride ourselves on our superior quality.

Construction: Look for sturdy construction, quality hinges, and drawer slides. Dovetail joints and soft-close mechanisms signify better craftsmanship.

There are a lot of on-line companies selling ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets and Bathroom Vanities, but very few are willing to stand by their product. We are confident in the cabinets we sell and we are willing to back it up with a 5-year warranty.

Style and Aesthetics

Door Style: Decide between raised panel, recessed panel, or flat panel doors. Each offers a different aesthetic appeal.

For a more modern look, go with a flat panel. More traditional styles include raised panels with ornate detailing. If you like something a bit more cozy and relaxed, try the Shaker styles.

Finish: Choose a finish that aligns with your kitchen’s style. Stained, painted, or natural finishes each offer a distinct look, one of which, is surely to suit your style and needs.

Gray and white kitchen with simple design.

Functionality and Storage

Layout and Configuration: Consider the cabinet layout, door style, and the number of shelves and drawers required for your kitchen’s specific needs.

Go back to those first two questions you asked yourself and don’t lose sight of your lifestyle as a major part of choosing the best kitchen cabinets for you.

Storage Options: Look for cabinets that offer versatile storage solutions such as pull-out shelves, dividers, or specialized storage for specific items like spices or pots. How you use the storage space you have is just as important as the amount of storage space you have.

DIY vs Professional Installation

DIY: RTA cabinets are 100% DIY-able. Even those who have never assembled and installed cabinets before can be successful. Simply download the BILT app for step-by-step instructions.

Professional Installation : If you are unsure about your abilities, consider professional installation to ensure proper fitting and functionality. A handyperson, woodworker, or contractor should have no difficulty installing them for you.

When choosing the best kitchen cabinets, it’s essential to balance quality, aesthetics, functionality, and your personal preferences while also considering the long-term value and durability of the investment.

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