Begin Your Kitchen Cabinet Hunt with These Pro Tips

It’s time for your new kitchen to take shape.  You have the framework done (walls) but it is like a bare canvas; all sorts of potential but nothing there yet.  That’s one of the best places you can be in, because you have carte blanche to do basically whatever you want!  It can be, however, overwhelming to begin to design your own kitchen.  There are innumerable choices out there, and it is difficult to know who to trust, what to choose, or what you should even be thinking about in the first few steps!  Read on to get an idea of where to begin and continue on your journey to getting an awesome kitchen!

Back to Basics

People always say you have to get back to basics.  They are right!  You will need to answer some simple questions to yourself before you begin, and these questions will literally determine the course of your search.  Building a kitchen, even planning one, is a series of steps, just like building a house.  Each step must have the one before it for the process to work.

The questions you need to answer to yourself are: what style of kitchen do I want, and what amenities are important for me in my kitchen.  These questions are sometimes simple, sometimes not.  Here at RTA Cabinet Store, we get it.  Lots of people have no idea what they are looking for when they first get into contact with us.

Research It as You Would Any Big Purchase

Most people take the time to go out and look at a lot of car models before they buy.  Or look at the specifications, pictures and reviews online.  Or both!  We suggest the same.  One great place to start is the RTA Cabinet Store website.  There are an astounding number of styles there. 

We suggest picking out and writing down the names of a number of them you like.  Then see if they have the amenities that you want (you might have your heart set on glass in your cabinet doors, for example), and think about how the kitchen would fit in with the rest of your house.  That part may or may not be important to you, but we find that overall, people tend to like to match the living and dining areas with the kitchen.

Save Money While Doing It

There are a number of ways to get your cabinets, but RTA kitchen cabinets are high quality, stable, come in standard sizes (so nearly all cabinet accessories fit), are easy to put together, and best of all, RTA kitchen cabinets are very economically priced!  Plus, you need to think about the future of your cabinets; for example, if replacement parts will be available if you damage them somehow.  It’s pretty simple advice, but hopefully these tidbits of information will help you begin your kitchen cabinet hunt!  Ready to start designing your kitchen today?’s free online design tool will help!

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