Matching Your Cabinets and Walls with Our Classic Color Selection

All it takes is a single color to bring your interior together. From the color of your walls to the furniture you pair with it, everything needs to be in sync to get the desired look. Your cabinets are no exception. 

Wondering how to make your cabinets and walls the same color? It’s time for you to be the designer! Style your new RTA Cabinet Store cabinets with these spectacular, single-color designs. 

Keeping It Neutral

A modern, minimalist kitchen featuring grey walls and Florence Grey Shaker cabinets by the RTA Cabinet Store.

Over the past couple of years, neutral color schemes have dominated the interior design world. Minimalism—known for its “less is more” ethos—emphasizes greys, blacks, and beiges over brighter and bolder options. It’s especially common in restaurants and retail, but it’ll look even better on your kitchen or bathroom walls and cabinets 

RTA Cabinet Store cabinets come in several different shades of grey to fit your minimalistic design. That includes our: 

  1. Florence Grey Shaker Cabinets 
  1. Stone Grey Shaker Cabinets 
  1. Smokey Grey Cabinets 

Many of these styles are also available in bathroom vanities, so your entire home can carry on the neutral look.  

Going Bolder and Brighter

Substitute “less is more” for “bold and bright,” and you’ve got maximalism. This design philosophy is rising in popularity as a rebuttal to minimalism’s dominance over the last few years. Instead of a neutral color scheme that’s designed to blend, brighter colors like red, green, orange, and yellow are expertly positioned to stand out and make a statement. 

RTA Cabinet Store cabinets come pre-finished, but they can be painted a bright or bold color to match your walls. Want to see what the hottest bold and bright colors are for this coming year? 

Loving the Earth Tones 

Nature evokes a sense of calm and comfort that’s truly magnificent. So if you love the outdoors, bring it inside with a natural design scheme.  

One of the hallmarks of natural kitchens and bathrooms is the use of earth tones. Dark blues, browns, and greens are colors found in nature, so it’s only fitting that they’re heavily featured on your walls and cabinets. 

Many RTA Cabinet Store cabinets come pre-finished in earth tones, including our: 

  1. Weston Espresso Shaker Cabinets 
  1. Navy Blue Shaker Cabinets 
  1. Mahogany Glazed Cabinets 

They’re a natural complement to earth-tone walls, furniture, and any other décor that fits the design. 

Choosing a Classic All-White Design

An white kitchen interior with white walls and Florence White Shaker cabinets by the RTA Cabinet Store

When you think about classic interior designs, you have to consider the color white. Ranging from appliances and tile to the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, the color white is a timeless look that’s always in style. 

White RTA Cabinet Store cabinets fit coastal-style beach houses, modern monochrome homes, and everything in between. Some of our white and off-white selections include: 

  1. Maddox Lace White Cabinets 
  1. Florence White Shaker Cabinets 
  1. Frosted White Shaker Cabinets 

These special cabinets are extremely versatile, fitting all sorts of styles and working well with white walls in many areas of your home. 

The perfect color is an unstoppable force. Pair it with RTA Cabinet Store cabinets, and you’ve got something even greater than expected. 

Ready to revamp your interior like a professional designer? 

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