Building Your Bathroom Vanity Featuring Bianca Delatorre

Is it finally time to tackle that bathroom renovation? The decision has never been easier. According to HGTV, even minor renovations will give you close to or exactly 100% return on your investment. A new and improved bathroom vanity alone will continue to pay dividends towards the future value and comfort now in your bathroom. 

So how do you make the most of a new vanity? Here’s how Bianca Delatorre of @peonyaccents used one of RTA Cabinet Store’s vanities for a quick and easy bathroom transformation. 

Find Your Element

Bianca's Instagram story asks her followers to pick one of three "earthy masculine" cabinet colors: slate, white, or sand.

Bianca described her bathroom concept as “very earthy and elemental” mixed with a modern feel. An “earthy” look and feel brings calm and comfort to one of the most important rooms in your entire house. Bring the outside in, and you’ll turn your interior design inside out. 

Bianca’s take on an “earthy” design started with a base foundation of darker tones, including the gray, cement-looking shower tile, to pair with her dark brown Florence Slate cabinets.  

She contrasted the darker elements with smaller “pops of color,” like a vanity-top plant and a light wood shower stool. Small soaps, body scrubs, textured hand towels, and new bamboo shades made up the final layers of modern comfort and warm contrast. 

Adding a natural, “earthy” look is an easy way to improve your bathroom. Start with a solid foundation, then add simple yet thoughtful accessories for the finishing bits of flair.  

Brand-new vanities are an excellent foundation piece. Why? They’re practical, stylish, and simple to install as Bianca found out. 

Choose Part-Time Assembly for Full-Time Benefits

As a content creator, Bianca manages multiple accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. But that’s only her part-time job. On top of posting projects and getting the actual DIY work done, Bianca works a full-time job that comes before any renovation work gets done. 

Just like Bianca, you may be facing the same dilemma. It’s a practical question everyone asks, but even more so when you’ve got to juggle work, kids, family, and everything else. So how do you find the time to DIY? 

Despite her busy schedule, she completed her project in “a few hours” over 2 days. Here’s how she did it: 

  1. A Helping Hand: Bianca had the assistance of her brother—who also works full-time—making the project go much faster. Once they both got off work, they put in 3 hours on the first day and then a few more hours after work on the next day. 
  1. Free Design Help: Bianca used the free design help offered by the RTA Cabinet Store for her bathroom vanity project and an additional kitchen renovation she has planned. This helped her find the perfect cabinets that matched her design without wasting extra time.  
A preliminary sketch on Bianca's Instagram story showing where her new cabinets will go.
  1. How-to-Videos: Bianca followed the RTA Cabinet Store’s how-to-videos that offer step-by-step instructions. She recommends this step for first-time DIYers because you “get a good visual” of the parts and pieces involved. 

Even if you’re new to DIY, Bianca says that assembling your own cabinets is easier than it seems. 

“Just take it one step at a time, chipping away at what’s just in front of you to not feel intimidated or overwhelmed,” she said. 

Enjoy the Finished Product While Planning Ahead 

Dark brown RTA Cabinet Store cabinets pair with "pops of color" to complete the look of Bianca's bathroom renovation.

Bianca’s bathroom vanity enhances the natural look she wanted for her bathroom. But it’s also very practical, providing her with a sturdy and spacious place to store cleaning products and other bathroom essentials. To accomplish this, Bianca opted for a single-sink vanity with a tall linen cabinet directly next to it. 

That extra storage space plays a large role in Bianca’s next project. She’s turning her garage into a living space (a lot like a mother-in-law suite), but this time, two sister companies to RTA Cabinet Store will play a defining role. Her plans include a feature wall with RTA Cabinet Store cabinetry, this fireplace from Electric Fireplaces Direct, and this fireplace surround from Mantels Direct. 

All in all, Bianca’s experience with the RTA Cabinet Store gave her a new perspective on how to use cabinets. 

“To be honest, I always assumed that cabinets had to be purchased already put together,” she said, “It was kind of a new world to have the option to have something more affordable that you can put together.” 

Ready to make the jump to DIY? Boost your bathroom with a bit of help from the RTA Cabinet Store! 

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