Kitchen Storage Cabinet Ideas for Tiny Houses

Nowhere are efficiency and utility of kitchen cabinet storage solutions more important than in tiny houses. Our cabinets have been selected in over a dozen episodes of Tiny House Nation for their versatility, utility, and sturdy, durable construction.

Even if you own a full-sized home, the same storage solutions used to make every inch of space count in a tiny house can help you reduce clutter and get more use and enjoyment out of your kitchen cabinets!

Combine Storage Options

What’s at the end of your kitchen cabinetry? Unless it’s a wall, chances are it just sort of … ends. What if it didn’t? What if you could do more?

With RTA cabinets, it’s easy to add a book case or open shelving to the end of your cabinets, adding storage and utility for the room beside the kitchen. Other options include wine storage, plate racks, or even building in a small fridge where it’s seamlessly incorporated into your cabinets.

Use Wasted Space Under Seating

A shorter cabinet such as over-fridge or over-sink cabinets, can instead be used on the floor and covered with padding to make a comfortable bench seat with convenient storage underneath for games, books, movies, or whatever else you can think of! Consider building one along the wall behind your kitchen table to replace the chairs back there for a more casual, lounge-like atmosphere with hidden storage that would have just been wasted space before!

Use More Space Inside Your Cabinets

If you’re like most people, the actual volume of space inside your cabinets is probably pretty under-utilized. This is because for most purposes the limiting factor for storage space is less about volume, and more about footprint.

Using slide-out trays and lazy Susans can make bottom-shelf and corner storage much easier to access so you’re more likely to take full advantage of it. Rather than stacking pots and pans, consider a gliding rail to hang them inside your cabinets—it still leaves room for other things beneath and around them, and makes them much easier to access!

Adding pull-out dividers and shelves, as well as purpose-built storage solutions like spice racks can improve vertical space utilization in upper cupboards as well, and you might be surprised not just how much more convenient a plate rack can be, but how many plates you can store in an otherwise unused space like beneath your over-sink cupboards for example.

Check out our Kitchen Cabinet Accessories page for more ideas!

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